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Yes. Take a home pregnancy test or see a doctor. You can take the test as soon as you have missed your period First Response Early Test can be taken even 1 or 2 days before period starts. Until then act as if you were pregnant and take of yourself. Hope it turns out the way you want it to be!

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Is it possible to be pregnant but still a virgin?

Depends how you regard 'virginity'. Technically it might be possible, but extremely unlikely.

You had intercourse a day before your period could you be pregnant?

It is possible, but extremely unlikely.

Is headaches a sign of pregnancy?

no headaches is not a sign of pregnancy, but if you do happen to get pregnant there is a posibility that you could get headaches

What are the symptoms when you are 4 weeks pregnant?

Its different in every woman but usually the first indication is a missed period, nasuea or sickness, abdominal cramps, headaches, tiredness, bloatedness etc.

I'm 16 and worried.. am i pregnant. my bf and i were kissing and he ejaculated.. we were fully clothed and i don't think any got on me but lately I've been having headaches and abdominal pain.. am i?

no he actually has to be inside of you for you to get pregnant

Can i be pregnant if im cramping and bleeding?

it is possible 2b pregnant if your lightly bleedin or spottin or having abdominal cramps but sumtimes kan b a more serious issue

Can a girl get pregnant through clothing?

If all of your clothes are on there is no possible way for a girl to get pregnant. Actually it is possible but extremely unlikely. The circumstances would have to be perfect and that is like one in a thousand.

Can a girl get pregnant if boy and girl hump with their underwear?

Do you think that was what happens with the Virgin Mary? Pregnancy is possible but extremely (and I do mean EXTREMELY) unlikely.

Is it possible to have pregnancy signs without actually being pregnant?

Yes it's possible! You can feel tired, have headaches, have sore breasts and many of the symptoms without being pregnant but you always want to double check to see if you are or not for sure!

After having your tubes clamped in 92 is it possible to get pregnant again?

It's extremely rare, but not impossible.

Is it possible to get a girl pregnant even though you use a condom in a pool?

Extremely unlikely but not impossible

You have headaches but did not miss your period could you be pregnant?

Unlikely. Go and see the doctor about the headaches

What do you take for headaches when you are pregnant?

Elivail! It soothes headaches and migranes! I have not been dissipointed yet!

Can you be pregnant if your breasts are sore constipated feel sick throughout the day and constant headaches?

yes it is very possible take a hpt to see

Is it possible to become pregnant if a drop of ejaculatory accidentally falls on the lips of the vagina?

Extremely low chance.

Who do you not give abdominal thrusts to?

Pregnant women.

What school can I be enrolled to learn abdominal ultrasound on pregnant women as a midwife?

what school can i be inrolled to learn abdominal ultrasound on pregnant women in rochester ny

Could you be pregnant since you have had headaches and a cold sore?

Cold sores and headaches are not typically signs of pregnancy.

Can you be 9 days pregnant and feel pregnant such as feeling bloated with headaches and dizziness?

If you mean nine days after unprotected intercourse it is just about possible to start having symptoms but it sounds more like you have the flu.

Is it possible to be pregnant after your second period after a 2nd trimester miscarriage if your period is light but you still have period symptoms and pregnancy test is negative?

It is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant.

What medications you can take for headaches while pregnant?


Do you feel sick and get headaches when you have worms?

you might be pregnant

You are always hungry and you have frequent headaches are you pregnant?

The first time i got pregnant i didn't have headaches but was very hungry! Then i would eat something and it would completely gross me out. I've had lots of friends tell me they had bad headaches while being pregnant though! Goodluck if your are!!!! its truly a blessing

You are 20 weeks pregnant and have light bleeding and lower abdominal pains should you be worried?

Yes, You would be wise to see a doctor about it as soon as possible.

Can i be pregnant if i took a home pregnancy test and it came back negative and im having all the symptoms?

If you have missed several periods then yes your definatly pregnant but nausea, back pain, abdominal pain, headaches and even cramps and moodswings are all part of ur period and menstration.