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Intercourse often times causes bleeding. It is probably not a pregnancy indicator. It also depends on where you are in your cycle. But, depending on the degree of activity, bleeding can be quite normal after intercourse.

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Q: Could light pink discharge right after intercourse be a sign of pregnancy?
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Could you be pregnant if you spotted a brown discharge for a day and had some light cramping during that time and your period isn't due for almost a week and a half?

Yes this could be pregnancy related. You can see your doctor 7 days after intercourse for a pregnancy blood test or perform a urine pregnancy test 3 weeks after intercourse.

What does light pink discharge right after intercourse mean?

This can indicate pregnancy, it did for me. Take an early test a few days before your period is due to check.

What does it mean when you have light bleeding cramping an light brown discharge?

These could be pregnancy symptoms. Wait until your period is due and take a home pregnancy test to confirm.

Brown discharge and sore breasts a sign of pregnancy?

If you have already had your period which will cause you breast to swell and admit a light brown discharge,and unprotected sex, then it is possible it could be a sign of pregnancy. Get a home pregnancy test to be sure.

What is the meaing of tight stomach and early light period with brown discharge?

The brown discharge could be a sign of pregnancy, or just your period. The only way to know is to get a pregnancy test. Safe sex, kiddos.

If you have spotting 2 weeks after intercourse and then get ovulation discharge does it mean you are not pregnant?

I had light brown spotting and discharge and I was pregnant.

3 days late on your period but then had a light period with no cramps ow brown discharge could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. Take a pregnancy test

Is Light green discharge symptoms of pregnancy before miss period?

That is a sign of infection not pregnancy. NO YOU NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET CHECK OUT YOU COULD HAVE AN STD white cleardischarge

Should there be Light bleeding in early pregnancy after intercourse?

Sometimes there is light bleeding (of the pinkish variety) after intercourse because the cervix is very sensitive when you are pregnant. Always keep a eye on ANY bleeding though. Congrats on your pregnancy!

I haven't had a period in 2 months and for the past 2 weeks I have had a steady very light pink discharge could this be pregnancy?

your baby's dead

How soon after a light period can you take a pregnancy test?

It is more accurate to perform a pregnancy test 3 weeks after intercourse.

I missed a period and got a light flow of brown discharge for 3 weeks instead then I missed a second period now the discharge is white or yellow and has an odd smell could it be pregnancy or infection?

These are signs of a infection.

Is it normal to have a light pink discharge during the 35th week of pregnancy?

No, see your doctor.

What could cause a light clumpy brown almost beige looking discharge with white in it associated with bloating and cramps?

Hello, Several things can cause this type of discharge. * UTI * Yeast infection. * Pregnancy (implantation bleeding). * Approaching period. * Ovulation discharge.

If i have Positive pregnancy test but have cramps and when i wipe slight pinkish discharge?

Some light cramping can be normal along with some light pink or brown discharge with a pregnancy. But it's best to check with your OB/GYN for a more accurate answer for your exact situation.

What does it mean if you have a very light 1-day period followed by a brown discharge and then a pinkish red mucus discharge while having sore breasts?

It could signal pregnancy, if the period didn't start full force in a couple of days a home pregnancy test could be done. ~pawsalmighty answer it could be Implantation bleeding take a test and find out if your pregnant kat

Your period is due you had intercourse during ovulation you have light pinkishbrownish discharge today only Are you pregnant?

sounds like implantation

Is light bleeding in clear discharge a sign of pregnancy and mild cramps which I usually don't get?


You have white watery vaginal discharge could you be pregnant?

If you had unprotected sex recently, and did not perform Kiegels to discharge the semen, it could be the leftover semen. If you have missed your period, or have had an unusually short or light period, get a pregnancy test. If neither of these is the case, you could have a yeast infection or another issue. Consult your physician.

I have taken a positive test i am are about 6 weeks should I be worried because i have brown and light pink discharge?

NO.unless the bleeding gets heavy then i would call your doctor,but sometimes light pink discharge could mean the weight of your pregnancy,but if it keeps doing it then i would go to the doctor

Is it possible that a late period with light brown discharge could be pregnancy?

Yes it is very possible if you think that you might be pregnant you should see a doctor immediately or take a pregnancy test some women have a period during their pregnancies.

Can light bleeding for one day and them brown discharge around the time period should start be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it could be implantation bleeding. If you are late a home pregnancy test should show positive if you are. Good luck =)

Can you have a light pink discharge with pain on the left side and be pregnant?

Yes. You might have a tubal pregnancy. Yes you can.

Is it normal to have a light brown discharge at 11 weeks?

it is always possible to have discharge in pregnancy, and non-pregnancy, but the fact that is is discolored than normal and that you are in in your first tri-mester, you should always get checked and tell the doctor of your concern.

If you have light pink spotting 4 days after ovulation with unprotected intercourse could that be a pregnancy sign?

It's probably ovulation spotting and not yet pregnancy. Implantation bleeding is probably not going to occur yet by only 4 days post-ovulation.