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yes it can cause back and chest pain.

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Q: Could pleurisy cause chest rib and back pain?
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What would cause chest pain left of sternum lasting for five days with upper left back pain?

Sounds like it could be pleurisy? Try looking at this websit

Why would severe back and chest pain be a result of bulimia?

If you are purging, the strain of vomiting could be the cause.

How do you get rid of pleurisy in your lungs?

Pleurosy is caused by friction in the body. Tension in the chest area causes inflammation and can also effect the fluid in the lungs.

Does wearing smaller size bra cause back pain?

some people experience it ans some people don't. But wearing a small bra will cause pain. it could be neck, back or chest.

Can gas cause pains in your chest and arm area and you feel it when you take a deep breath?

YES! Especially after surgery, but gas can travel virtually anywhere in the body and cause pain. Some other causes of pain in the chest: heart problems (obviously), pleurisy (inflammation of the lining around the lungs), heartburn. Gas and pleuricy give sharp pain...a heart attack can as well. Heartburn is normally a dull, burning pain.

What would cause a dull constant pain in the middle of the back wrapping around to breast plate?

It could be simple, like a muscle spasm or a little pleurisy, or it could be something far more serious. You'll need to talk to a doctor to find out for certain. If it is affected by breathing, it could easily be pleurisy. If you don't have any other symptoms it could very easily be a muscle spasm, but it has far too much potential for being a problem, so don't ignore it.

Could a chest cold cause upper back pain mild burning sensation?

It happened to me along time ago...but YEAH!. nonono jk.

What homeopathic methods can help treat pleurisy?

Contrast hydrotherapy applied to the chest and back, along with compresses (cloths soaked in an herbal solution) or poultices (crushed herbs applied directly to the skin) of respiratory herbs, can assist in the healing process.

Lower back pain with nausea right above hip area?

what is the cause of the pain in the lower back andlowerleft chest

What can be the cause of a smoker with chest pain radiating to his back?

Sounds like a heart attack. Go to the doctor.

What causes pain on chest arms back while coughing?

The main cause of pain in the chest, arms, and back while coughing is muscle fatigue. These muscles are not typically used and will quickly tire through coughing.

I get these sharp pains in my chest. I've gone to several doctors appointments and to the ER several times and all the lab test and everything come back normal. What can be causing my chest pain?

Muscle strain or a cracked rib could cause that sort of pain. You can count yourself lucky to have had your tests come back normal. Pain can be managed.