Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Spinal pain and neck pain are commonly experienced. These can be a result of muscle strain or infection, which eventually heal with time. However, prolonged pain may be an indication of a serious health problem.

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What causes left side sharp lower back pain?

If the pain is stabbing and intense, and radiates, it's consistent with nerve compression pain caused by either a bulging disk or a disk that's fully herniated. If the pain goes down the back of your legs, it's the Sciatic nerve being compressed by the L4/5 or L5/S1 disk; if the pain stops at the inside of the knee, it's the L3/4 disk nerve being compressed.

Regardless, the treatment is the same - get off your feet, and lie down. Sitting is out as it also puts pressure on the lower spine. If it lasts in its intensity for more than 3 days, you'll probably require an Epidural or Facet Injection (local or targeted steroid injections to reduce inflammation) so that the disk can retract and heal. However, be aware that for most, the shots and resulting pain are as bad or worse than the pain it's intended to deal with. In the years when I still got benefit from shots, it generally took 2 or 3 days for the pain from the injection to subside.

Muscle spasms caused by the pain of the nerve compression adds to the problem, and is the reason muscle relaxers are commonly prescribed. As the muscles / tendons contract during pain spasms, the area around the nerve becomes tighter, increasing the nerve compression and subsequently the pain. It's a vicious cycle.

As I said, pain lasting in intensity for more than 2 or 3 days needs to be checked by a doctor. The severity of the pain also can give you an indication of just how bad the problem is - if you can walk without support (cane, etc.) then it's not that bad, but still should be checked anyway. If you can walk but need support, then it's more serious and you should hve it checked immediately.

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Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Is weight loss a side effect of Suboxone?

I habe been on subz for 7 monthes now i had high tolerance and i do believe it causes weight lossat least for me but wveryones body reacts diff to diff meds so idk lol didnt rele answer ur quest

Calorie Count
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Do you burn more calories when you're in pain?

Ah, what kind of pain? Besides, I think you could feel better either by going outside, drinking some Graduates Grape Water from the baby section of stores (if it's there) or simply take like a 1/3 of an Alka-Seltzer every so often, or just 1/4 tsp of baking soda. Goya Coconut Water may also help.

Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Does Motrin help with lower back pain?

Motrin is ibuprofen, which is a pain reliever. It will help with mild lower back pain. It is not a miracle drug and for severe pain one should contact a doctor.

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Back Neck and Spine
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Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Does adderall cause lower back pain?

Yes it does, ever since I have been taking adderall I notice back pains, take tylonel.

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What could cause a fatty hump on the back of your lower neck where your head joins the upper spine?

This fatty hump on the back of your lower neck could be a "Protease Paunch" or it could be caused by Cushing's Syndrome:

Too much cortisol can produce some of the hallmark signs and symptoms of Cushing's syndrome a fatty hump between your shoulders, a rounded face, and pink or purple stretch marks (striations) on your skin. It can also result in high blood pressure, bone loss and, on occasion, diabetes.

Other Common Causes are:

  • extended use of some steroids (glucocorticoids such as prednisone, cortisone, and hydrocortisone)
  • extreme obesity
  • hypercortisolism (caused by Cushing's syndrome)
  • some drugs used for AIDS (reason unclear)
  • osteoporosis may cause curvature of the spine in the neck (kyphoscoliosis)
More Comments:I just wanted to add, that I too have that strange hump on the back on neck/ upper spine, and I'm not obese. I did just have a baby 2 months ago, and that's when I started to notice it. I do have a little baby weight to lose, but I'd say I'm average/small build. I'm also only 30 years old, so I don't think it's the oesterperoisis thing yet. However, it does seems to be more pronounced just after I have a baby, and my breasts are heavier. That must have something to do with it. I think it's completely gone when I wean or lose all my baby weight.

Is this something that only women get? I'd be interested to know how much being over weight has to do with having the hump. I do think it must be related, eventhough one doesn't have to be obese to have it.

I am a 28 year old male who has had the hump since I was 17. I went to doctors about it, but they said it wasn't bad enough to do surgery on, and suggested that physical therapy might help it slightly. Anyway, I have been skinny (6'2'' 160 lbs) and obese (315 lbs at my highest), and the condition is getting progressively worse as I get older, no matter how much weight I lose. So, I think it has very little to do with weight and everything to do with a bad spin of the genetic wheel of fortune :(.

I had a lump at the base of my neck where it joins the spine. It was a lipoma which is a benign fatty tumor. It gradually got larger over a number of years. I developed another over my left shoulder blade - it grew more quickly than the other, to about the size of a large fist on the outside. I had them both removed surgically. As I said, they were both benign as the doctors had assured me they probably would be. But, the only way to be sure is to have tissue looked at by a pathologists. I am doing great and have not had another at this point but people who have these do have a tendancy to develop them again.

I am 28 and 6'4". Because of my height and inactivity I have had bad posture for most of my life. I have spent alot of time in slumped over desks/staring at computers. And for to long I drank way to much coffee/soda and not nearly enough water. All this led to chronic back pain, stiffness, the development of a hump starting at the base of my neck, and periodically throughing out my back.

I decided that I did not want to be in pain all my life that this had to change. I started working out constantly, seeing doctors, therapists, chiropractors, etc... figuring that I am to young to be feeling this crappy.

After several months of hitting the gym seeing doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc... all with little success, someone suggested rolfing. I had never heard of it but figured that I would give it a try. I googled rolfer in my area, picked one and went.

After about 10 sessions I am not in constant pain, I can hold myself in good posture easily and unconciously, I am more flexiible than I have ever been, generally I feel better than I can remember....and the hump has stopped gone away.

Basically, rolfing is a practice of massage that target the tissue that surrounds muscles. this tissue is very fiberous and strong and is supposed to encase your muscles individually. When you become inatimate and dehydrated, this tissue sticks to stuff causing your muscles to act as a group rather than individuals; you become stiff, lack range of motion. If you have bad posture to begin with (due to height, large breasts, occupation, etc...) you get stuck in that bad posture position and the posture only gets worse.

See a doctor! This could be an "upper thoracic hump", which is caused by Forward Head Posture. Dowager's Hump typically occurs in older women and affects the area around the shoulder blades. Upper Thoracic Hump is in the area where the neck meets the upper back. The area gets covered by a fatty deposit, which exacerbates the look of the hump.

It might be Scheuermann's syndrome.

You might want to go to the doctor to make sure it is nothing serious. But if it's just a hump on the back of your neck, you can most likely correct it. My father had a hump awhile ago but he started going to the chiropractor and I think the key thing is he started doing a lot of yoga. After a year or two it just went away.

I have had my hump since I was a very small child. I was told it was fatty tissue from the body cushioning itself from all of the falling I used to do from weak ankles (running or walking). I am to have it removed because now it seems to be getting bigger as I gain weight and the doctor thinks that is where all of the weight is going. At 53 I think I can take a chance it won't regrow before I'm into my 70's or 80's.

I've had a hump on my upper back since I was 14. My mother also has the same thing. We both are big breasted women and I think it has something to do with it. As of the past 3 years it has started interfering with my sleep. I sleep on my stomach and it puts tremendous pressure on my head. It seams like no matter what position i sleep in its uncomfortable and I wake up every morning with my head full of pressure. I've spoken with a nutritional doctor and he said to reduce the fatty deposit I should stay away from white bread and starches. It really dose work the spine is still curved but the fatty deposit seams to have diminished a bit.

Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Can you take Ibuprofen while pregnant?

Ibuprofen during PregnancyOne thing that almost all doctors agree on: do NOT take ibuprofen in the third trimester of your pregnancy, particularly after about 32 weeks. Ibuprofen can cause the ductus arteriosis to close prematurely. The DA is vital to fetal circulation and should close in the first 24 hours after birth. Ibuprofen is used to help close it when it stays open past 24 hours (PDA).

Before 32 weeks, things are a bit more controversial.

A lot of doctors would probably advise against taking ibuprofen early in pregnancy (during the first 8 weeks or so), simply because we know that that that is when your baby's organs are being formed and ibuprofen has never been scientifically proven to be safe at that time. (It may or may not be. We really don't yet know for sure.)

Between those two time periods (i.e. approximately 8 and 32 weeks gestation), a lot of us think that occasional ibuprofen use is reasonably safe, at least if it is used only in small doses (say, 200 to 400 mg, maybe even 600 mg once or twice) and only for limited amounts of time.

There aren't any super-clear guidelines that I know of, but I would definitely recommend that you avoid using ibuprofen regularly during pregnancy, for instance for chronic headaches or anything like that.

no coz it can harm the baby but after you have given birth yeah

It is recommended to NOT take Ibuprofen. What is safe though is Tylenol

Back Neck and Spine
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Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What is ligamentum flavum hypertrophy?

ligamentum flavum hypertrophy is a degenerative condition of the spine which most commonly occurs in the elderly where the tendons holding one vertebra to another thicken, decreasing the amount of room available for the spinal cord and the nerves that come off it. It may be associated with inflammation (arthritis) or osteoporosis. It is frequently treated surgically, and it can recur.

This one seems a bit complex to answer easily, So if you follow the related link (Hypertrophy of Ligamentum Flavum in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis) you will find more information.

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain across whole lower back whole lower abdominal area but worse on the right side of both?

could be related to a urinary tract infection.

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Can having large breasts cause back pain?


Back Neck and Spine
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Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What is the medical term meaning low back pain?

Lumbago is pain that involves the lumbar spine, sciatica is the term used for back pain that involves the sciatic nerve that can also radiate to one or both legs.

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Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What could cause sporadic pain in back of head and ear spasms?

Hi there Sounds like you wrenched a muscle or have a touchy nerve. The spine holds all organs and muscle together, so if you back is out then it can bother your neck, cause headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, numbling of arms, fingers, legs and toes, buzzing in the ears and achy all over. I would suggest you see your chiropractor and have an assessment done. Meanwhile, if you have a thoughtful mate or good friend get them to give you a good back and shoulder/neck massage. THIS IS A GOOD MASSAGE: Start at the base of the back (small of the back) and work up. Do not press down and out, but hold the sides of the body (right up the rib cage) and massage inward towards the spine. When massaging the upper shoulders and neck area, gently press and knead that area. Feels sooo good! Hope you're feeling better soon. Marcy

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Why would you get back pains when you drink but it stops hurting when the 'buzz' goes away?

If you're already dehydrated when you start drinking, or are taking Tylenol, Aleve (or anything containing them), or anything else that puts a strain on the kidneys, the resulting pain from your kidneys being taxed will feel like back pain.

The way to deal with it is lots of water or cranberry juice to help rehydrate you and flush your kidneys out.

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Can you take Vicodin for neck and back pain?

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Back Neck and Spinal Pain
Arm and Leg Pain

What could cause severe pain in upper left arm when turning to the left and reaching behind?

This sounds like a condition known as frozen shoulder.
It is an inflamation of the lining of the shoulder joint, and causes pain and restricted movement in the joint. Typically the arm cannot without pain be raised straight above the head, or far up the back, for example to fasten a brassiere.
It is of unknown causation, although many sufferers report a minor accident or strain a few weeks before onset. It is self-limitting (i.e it goes away of its own accord) but can take up to 2 years to go. It is very unusual for it to come back in the same joint, although it confers no immunity to any other joint in the body!
A doctor should be consulted, and will give a diagnosis based on the range of movement possible before pain occurs and the exact location of the pain. If it is indeed frozen shoulder treatment is usually by Ibuprofen and hot and cold packs, followed by physiotherapy to restore movement. Steroid injections directly into the joint to relieve severe pain are unpleasant but very effective in removing the pain completely. In my case after two such injections at intervals of one month the pain did not recur and movement was restored almost immediately.
In rare cases the lining of the joint becomes permanently damaged. The pain disappears but movement is still limited, and surgery may be recommended to break the adhesions and restore movement.
Conditions and Diseases
Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What does lower back pain in the kidney area mean?

Pain in the area of the kidneys can come from several different sources. Low back pain is complex and there are many possibilities to be considered.

  • Kidney disease of some type, ranging from slight infection, kidney stone, cysts or cancer
  • Urinary tract disease of some type, from referred of a bladder infection or involvement of any part of the urinary system
  • Strain or sprain of the heavy lumbar muscles, like the quadratus lumborum
  • Radiation of pain coming from the spine associated with arthritis, disc involvement, facet hypertrophy or fracture

Many things can happen inside the body to cause kidney area pain. If you try rest, ice and Joint pain supplement for a few days and do not notice considerable improvement, it would be prudent to go to your family doctor or a chiropractor for evaluation of your problem.

Conditions and Diseases
Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Where is c5 and c6?

In the lower part of the neck, just above that really bumpy spot.

Conditions and Diseases
Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Is there any treatment or 'trigger points' for pain that radiates across the upper back?

change your diet--- purchase Gary Null dietary lifestyle changing books. A healthy diet repairs most of the body damage. If you continue to eat American foods your body will continue to malfunction. Turn off your television for it is one giant advertisement that speaks the truth only one percent of the time. excersize will replace idol time and quest for knowledge will replace the foolish teases that keep you waiting for useless information on television.

Pain radiates across upper back(dorsal spine) have many trigger points. First pain across upper mosr dorsal spine with some time burning sensation or numbness and amny time gross discoloration od skin is due to local trigger point in the trapezius muscle(just medial to superior and medial uper scapula. In the lower or mid thoracic part it is due to rhomboidus major or minor. But also to lonagissimus cervicic. Many time I have found the trigger points in the supraspinous ligaments causingg pain radiates across the specific vertebra. Treatment is generely straight forward. Slight intermitten digital pressure, compression with ice pack for 5 to 7 minutes and rest for couple of hours or local injections. Injection gives immediate reief and often long lasting some time it can be repeated.(injection of local anaesthesai with triamcinolone acetonide). avoid wiplash injury use seat belt, Do not support upper back against any hard irregular surface like wooden back of bed side. Never massage ith or without any oil or cream!


  1. 2 is a good answer [ie, steroid injections]. If you hate going to a doctor, try using a HOMEDIC vibrator [Walmart: about $35.00]... It's rather large & heavy, but the two vibrating heads placed over the sore area really helps the pain by stimulating blood flow and massaging the affected/inflammed muscles & getting them to relax.

See a well trained massage therapist, particularly one that specializes in orthopedic or neuromuscular massage. A chiropractor can also often help.

Alternate ApproachMany times trigger points are a result of underlying spinal problems, and treating them alone is really just a Band-Aid approach. Another option would be to see a skilled physical therapist who specializes in manual therapy. They have much more training in biomechanics and treatment of spinal dysfunction, and can provide long-term solutions rather than temporary "quick fixes."

Another Perspective

I have had two neck surgeries as a result of a treatment from a chiropractor. The disk was herniated and even though I went for a second opinion, his opinion was that my pain was easily treatable. he was wrong and his aggressive approach put me in the hospital and down the road to life-long pain. A peice of the herniated disc broke off (prolapased) and came to rest on the nerve root at C6-C7. I was partially paralyzed on one side for a month and then had the first surgery. Five years I had a second surgery to correct the first one. Aside from gain movement back on my right side the surgeries failed to end the pain.

Part of the pain I have is from numerous trigger points throughout the upper right side of my back. After 14 years I have found only a few treatments that offer relief. The first is trigger-point injections. A pain specialist injects each trigger point with lydocaine or other pain med. The effect from my first injections was just tremendous. The pain relief was great. It only lasted a week or so but it was worth it. I received trigger point injections for the past 10 years or so on a regular basis. When administered in conjunction with pain meds it really is helpful. It would be much nicer if the relief was for a month at a time but any relief is valuable at this point.

Next I have a series of treatments that varied and required me to have to procedures performed in a hospital setting. The first, and the one I still receive are epidurals. Yes the same kind of epidural my wife got when she was delivering our daughter, although the injections are in my neck. This relief is better and longer lasting than the trigger point injections, but they still only last between 2 or 3 weeks at most. Although I have met other patients who said their relief lasted much longer (months).

I have received a facet block as well, which is an injection in a very specific area of the neck called the facet joint. This treatment offered some relief but it didn't last as long as the other treatments. Again, other patients I have met had experienced great success, so I guess it comes down to individual situations.

Another treatment is a nerve block where the doctor injected pain med directly in the nerve that he felt was transmitting the pain from my neck to my upper back. This worked decently but I preferred the epidural and trigger-point injections.

Finally, I have received what's called radio-frequency ablation. It is a procedure where the doctor injects a laser-like device using a similar setup to orthroscopic knee surgery and the nerve suspected of causing the pain is heated using radio waves (like a microwave I guess) and this prevents the treated nerve form transmitting pain signals. The catch is that the correct nerve has to be isolated in order for this treatment to work. In my case it was not successful.

The trigger-point injections are really the most straight-forward and I feel has the most potential for helping a wide range of patients. Good luck with your pain. Don't stop looking for relief, the pain can have a cumulative effect that you don't notice right away but it can disrupt your life much more than you may realize.

All of these are good responses. I would just add that acupuncture is also a big help with the pressure points and can help to elevate pain. Acupressure is another goos source of help. Also look into Cranio-sacral therapy.

Trigger points are not easy to treat. To qualify that, they are easy to treat, the trick is to keep them from returning (more specifically flaring up again). Acupuncture helps, trigger point injections help (steroids are not needed), but trigger points result in muscles that are short and dysfunctional and until the abnormal firing pattern of muscle groups are addressed, the doctor will have a patient who will improve but not really get better. Find a physical therapist who has been trained by Janda or his techniques. Phil Greenman DO from Michigan State was teaching a course for DO's (don't know about PT's) and he has retired, you can call the American Academy of Osteopathy for doc's who do this work. You may need to call a number of PT's who have this training.

Dietary changes will help. I found the blood type diet helpful. Cranial Sacral treatments are beneficial as they help the myofascial burden on the muscles. Smoking, tobacco in general, other toxicities (e.g. pesticides, household chemicals, pesticides) will make this worse and sometimes cleaning up your environment is enough to make them non symptomatic. Be wary of weightlifting if they are treated or if you have not been trained to lift properly as you can easily ingrain the pattern of dysfunction into the muscles.

A good PT or doc will check your muscle firing patterns in the problem areas and give you exercises to retrain your muscles to fire in the correct sequence. After that the rest is up to the patient, if they aren't willing to exercise, there isn't much you can do long term.

Conditions and Diseases
Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

If you have back pain when you drink would that have something to do with your kidneys?

Not necessarily; depending on the side where the pain is, and whether or not the pain is also felt in the front and back can narrow down the problem.

For example, sharp pain radiating from the middle/right front of the torso through the back under the shoulder (strong enough to feel like a disk herniation) is usually a gallbladder problem (inflamed or gallstones). If you recently ate a high fat meal and started experiencing the pain, that's more of a indication it's your gallbladder.

Similarly, if it's on the left side and you also feel it under the rib cage as well as your back, it can be your pancreas (pancreatitis). Drinking anything that will raise your triglyceride levels (e.g., soda with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) can aggravate the pancreas if there's already an underlying problem; so can drinking alcohol. In both cases, there's usually an accompanying rise in body temperature, above 100 degrees.

If you have kidney pain, it's usually bad enough to put you on your knees. If it's a kidney stone, you'll also see blood in the urine, and will also see a rise in temperature.

Don't discount the possibility of a kidney infection or urinary tract infection either; keep an eye on your temperature for any signs you've got one.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Is pain down your back or legs while pregnant normal?

The book I grabbed "Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week" by Glade B. Curtis had this to say about:

Many women experience an occasional excruciating pain in their buttocks and down the back or side of their legs as pregnancy progresses. This is called sciatic-nerve pain because the sciatic nerve runs behind the uterus in the pelvis to the legs. Pain is believed to be caused by pressure on the nerve from the growing and expanding uterus.

The best treatment for the pain is to lie on your opposite side. This helps relieve the pressure on the nerve.

I am currently 8 months pregnant and in my 4th month I began gettin sciatic nerve pressure in my pelvic area and running from my back down my legs. The best ways to help with the pain are when lying on your side ALWAYS have a pillow between your legs and it helps to have on behind you supporting your back. Also, when getting dressed, sit down to put on your underwear and pants. Tis is because standing on one leg or lifting one leg can cause the sciatic pain. !

Women's Health
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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What could be wrong for a female to have discharge that does not smell and lower back pain stomach pain and frequent urination?

I read recently in Yahoo health that these symptoms can be associated with ovarian cancer, which was previously thought to be symptomless. Especially the frequent urination during periods was pointed out as frequent in women who suffer from this disease. check out Yahoo health or read up on ovarian cancer. Best of luck.

Your symptoms sound like a bladder infection, which is easily treated. In order to be properly diagnosed, you need to go to your doctor. You will have to give a urine sample which will tell if you have an infection or not, and he/she may put you on antibiotics. If this is the case, be aware in advance that some antibiotics may cause a yeast infection. If the pain changes, you will need to get treated for that aswell. Trust me when I say, it's easier to see a doctor than hope the pain will go away.

This sounds like the symptoms of pregnancy to me. If there is no possibility of that, then I dont know what it could be.


I began having this problem too when I was around 18 yrs old. It gradually got worse until my gynecologist recommended I see a urinologist where, after a cystoscopy, I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. It is a bladder disease they are finding in young women more and more these days. It might be a possibility if you are having frequent urination and pains. I suggest you do some research on it as there are many things that trigger these symptoms that can help such as not drinking caffeine, staying away from acidic foods, etc...

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Is it common to have back pain after delivery?

I have had 3 kids & 10 epidural's all together & the back pain is coming from that. The doctor should have told you that getting an epidural could cause back pains in your future. After my 1st child I had back pains up to a year later.

Migraine Headaches
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What does there are small ventral impressions on the anterior thecal sac mean?

yes, u can apply water over it for few min then try to remove it .it will be less pain full.

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Why would you have back pain and muscle spasms after eating?

Not good - eating causes the stomach to expand, and if you have a disk problem in the anterior (front) of the spine, the resulting expansion when you eat can be enough to cause this kind of pain.

The pain typically will also radiate forward into the stomach and even the groin area, though it may not be as strong. I remember this happening to me prior to my second spinal operation in 1999.

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Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

What causes upper back tension?


Sitting in one position for long periods of time.



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