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Arm and Leg Pain

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Arm and Leg Pain

What could cause sharp shooting pains in various parts of the body?

It's life's reminder that you are mortal. Get plenty of exercise, stop eating junk food, love the people around you, and if the pain happens to continue, then see a doctor.



Our knowledge of human body is somewhat distorted. We don't accept the facts that,

1. The skeletal muscular system is the control center of our body

2. It is the one and only system in our body that we can feel and control.


Normally, all the skeletal muscles of our body should isometrically act as though it is just a single skeletal muscle. This Unified Skeletal Muscle must normally have a tone (isometric contraction) of 50%.


We don't know the differences between pain and ache.

Normally, a skeletal muscle should have 50% tone.

1. Pain is due to extreme isometric relaxation of a skeletal muscle

2. Ache is due to severe isometric contraction of a skeletal muscle.

Thus, pain and ache can co-exist or alternate.


Under abnormal conditions the skeletal muscular system may isometrically contract or relax towards a single or multiple points leading to severe aches and pains. This occurs in many medical conditions. Diabetes, anxiety, head injuries, genetic disorders, etc. are common causes.


Even if the medical cause of the shooting pain is known, the treatment, even if there is one, rarely gives satisfactory relief.

Original Meditation, a set of isometric exercises, should be effective in most cases. In this all the skeletal muscles can be made to contract and relax as a single unit and its contraction or relaxation towards any point can be abolished.

Arm and Leg Pain

What is limping walk?

a limping walk is like when you hurt one of your legs and you walk with a limp . like uhhh; hobbling ?

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Arm and Leg Pain
Aleve (Naproxen)

What is the maximum daily dosage of Aleve?

"Aleve" (® Bayer Healthcare) is an over-the-counter (OTC) brand of the drug Naproxen Sodium and is classified as a "Non-Steroidal,Anti-Inflammatory Drug" or NSAID. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the minimum and maximum oral dosages are as follows... For Adults, the minimum is 275.0 mg, maximum is 1650.0 mg, Pediatric Dosages are, minimum 5.0 mg/kg, maximum = 21.0 mg/kg The safety and efficacy of this drug has not been established in children 2 years or younger. The dosage for adults assumes this maximum will not be exceeded within 24 hours of the maximum dosage. Generally, this means that adults should not take more than three capsules total within 24 hours of the first dose. Exceeding the maximum dosage recommendation carries with it significant risk of dangerous and debilitating side effects. Persons with allergies to this drug or aspirin should avoid taking Aleve. More information is available from the manufacturer's website at, or you can Internet search for "Aleve" and "Naproxen Sodium"

Arm and Leg Pain
Breast Pain

What can cause constant arm pain?

Pinching of the brachioradialis nerve.

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Arm and Leg Pain

What could cause severe pain in upper left arm when turning to the left and reaching behind?

This sounds like a condition known as frozen shoulder.
It is an inflamation of the lining of the shoulder joint, and causes pain and restricted movement in the joint. Typically the arm cannot without pain be raised straight above the head, or far up the back, for example to fasten a brassiere.
It is of unknown causation, although many sufferers report a minor accident or strain a few weeks before onset. It is self-limitting (i.e it goes away of its own accord) but can take up to 2 years to go. It is very unusual for it to come back in the same joint, although it confers no immunity to any other joint in the body!
A doctor should be consulted, and will give a diagnosis based on the range of movement possible before pain occurs and the exact location of the pain. If it is indeed frozen shoulder treatment is usually by Ibuprofen and hot and cold packs, followed by physiotherapy to restore movement. Steroid injections directly into the joint to relieve severe pain are unpleasant but very effective in removing the pain completely. In my case after two such injections at intervals of one month the pain did not recur and movement was restored almost immediately.
In rare cases the lining of the joint becomes permanently damaged. The pain disappears but movement is still limited, and surgery may be recommended to break the adhesions and restore movement.
Arm and Leg Pain

What makes arms and legs go numb at night?

Could be poor circulation or it could be neurological.

It could be clogged arteries in the blood stream.

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Skeletal System

How long does it take for a broken rib to heal?

about 3-6 weeks usually.

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Arm and Leg Pain
Gallbladders and Bile

What could cause numbness in your right foot and lower leg also constant cramping pain in your right big toe?

I wish I knew because my right is from below the knee on the outside area of the , down to my ankle over across the top of my then the tops of my toes, (especially the big toe.) This started up about a week ago.

I'm not in any pain it hasn't affected the way I walk, but my skin is to the touch. I do feel a slight throbbing on the side of my knee area. I'm starting to think I need to see a doctor....I usually only see them when I'm really sick.


I have the same exact problem, it started about 6 weeks ago I finally went to the doctor. He says it is a pinched nerve in my back around the 4th or 5th lumbar. The nerve runs down the outside of my right to my toe making the area from the outside of the right knee down to the top of my toe (The upper part of my is fine my back hurts a little). The doctor all the research I've done says it should begin to feel better soon if I don't over-exert myself. If it does not get better soon I will need an MRI possibly surgery to relieve the pinched nerve. If left unchecked it can cause something called " Drop" which sounds pretty awful (You essentially won't be able to pick up your !). now I'm supposed to take it easy take an anti-inflammatory cross my fingers.

if anyone else has gone through this please let me know how it went if it got better on its own.

I am going to add something here. I have the same problem, and you guys have sciatic nerve damage and it has caused what is cause Sciatica. This can be and is usually permanent, I have had it for 2 years. It is difficult to walk without twisting my ankle and crashing to the floor, and it is one of the top 5 reasons people get disability. There are treatments, but usually no cure and is serious and permanently damaging situation.

Anxiety Disorders
Arm and Leg Pain

Can panic attacks make your arms and hands go numb and feel like they are drawling?

Yes, it absolutely can. Anxiety causes your breathing cycle to become rapid and short (hyperventilation) therefore causing you carbon dioxide levels in your blood stream to become imbalanced. This has all sorts of effects on your nervous system including tunnel vision, tingling of your extremities, and could potentially cause you to pass out. Nothing to fear though, as you can't possible damage yourself by experiencing this.

The easy remedy is to bring a paper-bag with you if you experience frequent panic attacks. Breath in and out of the paper bag for about a minute or so and you'll watch the symptoms disappear. The paper bag will force you to get you carbon dioxide levels back in balance. Best of all, this will reduce your anxiety about having a panic attack in the future. This is true, I suffer from anxiety and when I get an attack my extremities become numb, totally normal

Be very careful if considering using the paper bag method, as it may well be related to an increased incidence of heart attacks, possibly from improper use. At the first sign of a panic attack, employ an ANTI PANIC ATTACK breathing technique. Advice from a published psychiatrist on controlled breathing: (1.) Get a clock, or watch with a second timer. (2.) Practise for 5 minutes, 4 times daily, until proficient. (3.) Take a small breath in, and hold it, for 6 seconds. (4.) Think to yourself: "RELAX", just before breathing out. (5.) Try to feel a sense of releasing tension, as you breathe out. (6.) Breathe in for 3 seconds, then out, for 3 seconds. Try to make your breathing very smooth, and light, as you breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth, or nose. (7.) For the next minute, continue to breathe in, and out, every 3 seconds. (8.) Go back to step 3, at the end of the minute, and proceed through to step 7, doing this for 5 minutes. Use this at the very first sign of a panic attack starting, or any time you feel anxious, or tense. Similar, but simpler advice, from a clinical psychologist is to breathe in to the count of 3: (one thousand one; one thousand two; one thousand three) each takes around a second to say to yourself, in your mind, and out to the count of 3.

Note: The controlled breathing only helps with the symptoms, as do medications/herbal remedies. Address the underlying cause, which requires some form of therapy. Imagine that the cause of your panic; your anxieties, fears, your self doubts, self recriminations, all the agonizing "I'm-so-Stupids"; every painful "I-can't-do-it" are huge raging, hurtful bulls snorting and charging at you. You see them coming at you and you hold out your red matador's cape at arms length and simply let them charge right by. Every time they come at you, hold out your arm with the red cape and let them rage and snort and go right on past. Some people recommend nettle tea, with a little honey. Others use Lavender tea, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, but use no milk or cream with herbal teas, or Valerian (caution: use for 3 weeks; maximum!). Know how these affect you before driving, or doing anything dangerous, and it is far better to use the treatments, rather than relying on herbal remedies.

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Arm and Leg Pain

What can be the cause of pain in the left armpit area?

lymphoma- theres a lymph node right there and swelling will cause pain

Cardiovascular Health
Arm and Leg Pain

What is throbbing?

throbbing is when for example, your finger feels like it has pressure on it. It squeezes tight.

Arm and Leg Pain

What is the pain in the forearm called?

The term brachialgia refers to arm pain but no such specific terminology to describe

forearm pain

Conditions and Diseases
Arm and Leg Pain

Is it normal to have a numbing sensation in your legs at 35 weeks?

It may be due to a nerve pinching and may get some relief if you increase your B12 intake. Ones in maternal vitamins may not be enough. COntact your health care provider if that might be the case for you. What you are probably feeling is RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME. It is common in pregnant women, and is usually described as creepy, crawly/numb/tingly feeling. Basically, it gives you a feeling of having to move your legs constantly. There are medications for it, but they are not safe in pregnancy. I have had the same feelings and I find it helps to elevate your legs EARLY in the day, and to avoid lying down too long at night before going to sleep. Firm massage(light touch makes it worse), and foot soaks may help too. Unfortunately, I have been told that it will only go away after birth!

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Why do my legs go numb at night?

This could be from poor circulation in your legs. Try to sleep with a soft pillow under them at night. Also doing leg exercises before going to bed each night might help. If it does not after about 3 or 4 days then I would see your doctor.

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Arm and Leg Pain

What should you do because your knee locks up randomly and it feels like someone put a wedge in the front of your knee and then after a while it straightens out?

First I would tell an adult. Then I would see a doctor and explain everything that happens. If nothing is done and it happens again, see another doctor.

Arm and Leg Pain
Tiger Sharks
Bethany Hamilton

How many arms does Bethany Hamilton have?


Arm and Leg Pain

What causes dull pain in left leg?

There are so many possible causes for a dull ache in either leg, it would be hard to name them all. If it continues, a doctor should be consulted. It may only be a muscle spasm, but since there are so many possibilities, its best to have a doctor check and be sure it isn't anything more serious.

Arm and Leg Pain

What happens when your foot feels tight?

Usually, when my foot feels tight my shoes are too small

Arm and Leg Pain

What causes pain under the left armpit?

It is usually a symptom of being run down, and is often anxiety related. Check for lumps and bumps however, as there are also associations with cancer and heart attacks which involve the left arm and armpit area. Always go to your doctor if you spot anything unusual.

Arm and Leg Pain

What type of infection causes severe pain in right shoulder and armpit and arm?

Bone Pain and Fractures
Arm and Leg Pain

How long does it take for a fracture in the elbow to heal?

This depends on the type of fracture, the severity, age of the patients and several other factors. In general, children's fracture are stable by 3 to 6 weeks but complete healing only occurs after many months.

Arm and Leg Pain

What does it mean if you have light sharp pains in your right arm?

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Arm and Leg Pain

What causes stiff painful knees?

Arthritis as well as chondromalacia.

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Arm and Leg Pain

What could be wrong if your shoulder blade hurts and you get tingling and numbness in your left hand and arm?

It could be anything from repetative movement in your job or something else you are doing, or inflammation, but this type of pain is a call to the ER to be sure you aren't having heart problems. Please go to the ER ASAP!


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