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Yes. Pre ejaculation causes pregnancy as it contains the sperms but the chances are less as compared to post ejaculation.

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Oh my, yes. Especially under the right conditions. There are tons of little swimmers in each drop. Good luck, and if this is a false alarm, PROMISE yourself - condoms only.

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Q: Could pre-ejaculation cause pregnancy
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Can constant backache be the cause of pregnancy?

backache doesnt cause pregnancy no, but pregnancy can cause backache. although keep a watch on how often the pain comes, it could be a sign of labor.

Can breast kissing cause pregnancy?

No, breast kissing cannot cause pregnancy, but it is a form of 'foreplay' meaning it excites the person you are doing this too and could lead to intercourse and that can cause pregnancy.

I have really sore nipples could this mean pregnancy?

Yes this can be a sign of pregnancy however there are other things that could cause this such as hormones.

What could cause a tingly breast?

Menstruation, pregnancy, hormones.

What could be the cause of several months of missed periods?


What could be the cause of not having Menstruation for 2-3 months?


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Pain in lower abdoman when touched could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Pregnancy should not cause pain in your abdomen. If you have questions, seek medical advice. Hello - Pregnancy doesn't usually cause a lower tender abdomonen that causes pain when palpatated. But it is possible this could be pregnancy related if the pain is not severe on only mildly tender.

Does the eating of sperm cause pregnancy?

No it does not cause pregnancy

Can pregnancy cause cramps?

Pregnancy can cause cramps.

Does eating semen cause pregnancy?

No it will not cause pregnancy.

Can diarrhea be the cause of pregnancy?

Diarrhea is not the cause of pregnancy.

Can pregnancy cause STDs?

No, pregnancy can not cause STDs.

Is penetration can cause pregnancy?

Penetration can cause pregnancy.

Does vommitting and dizzyness cause pregnancy?

No they do not cause pregnancy.

Does just touching result in pregnancy?

Not normally, no. It could only cause pregnancy if there was sperm on his fingers. However, even if he did it would be unlikely to cause pregnancy. Still, it is important to make sure there is no sperm on his fingers if he is going to touch her.

Could a difficult pregnancy or birth have been a cause of Asperger's Syndrome?

Yes it could have but you never know.

Can lip to lip kissing cause pregency?

Of course not! The only way of pregnancy is to have sex. there is NO WAY that kissing could cause pregnancy :) so don't worry!

Why do the later stages of pregnancy cause edema?

later stages of pregnancy doesn't always cause edema, edema could mean a serious illness call ed pre eclampsia which is high blood pressure caused by pregnancy and it can cause swelling and water retention.

Could illness cause a pregnancy test to be negative even if pregnant?


What could cause fluttering in the lower abdominal area besides pregnancy?


Can pregnancy cause an STD?

Pregnancy can't cause STDs.

Can sucking cause pregnancy?

Sucking won't cause pregnancy.

Can pre come cause pregnancy?

Yes it can cause pregnancy.

Can pre-come cause pregnancy?

Yes it can cause pregnancy.