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I highly doubt it.

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Q: Could random muscle twitching in your arms legs etc be an early sign of pregnancy?
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Why is your left arm twitching?

There could be several medical causes for a left arm twitching. The twitching could be caused by a muscle or even a nerve.

What causes stomach twitching?

could be gas due to irregular digestion or pregnancy

What causes stomach twitching in the upper part of stomach?

It could be digestion. if it persists, it could be a parasite or pregnancy

What could cause twitching in you thumb and head?

A nerve could cause twitching in your body in different parts. Muscle spasms might as well. See a doctor to make sure nothing serious is going on.

What causes twitching in the human forearm?

Twitching, little muscle spasms, could be caused by dehydration and lack of calcium and potassium. No matter what the cause, a physician should address this problem. If the twitching is painful, it may be some type of inflammation in the nerve or neuritis.

What std causes fatigue swollen lymph nodes and muscle twitching?

The only one I can think of could possibly would be Syphilis ?

Does your lower back ache during pregnancy?

yes you could get random pains but it could be from your period to though.

What causes head twitching in children?

Typically neurological problems will cause head twitching in children. This twitching could be helped or cured by certain prescribed medications.

What could cause a left eye to twitch?

Eye twitching is the result of a nerve or muscle contractions. Some causes could be: Stress; Tiredness; Eye strain; Caffeine. Alcohol; Dry eyes; Nutritional imbalances; Allergies

Why do dogs cry when their twitching?

Both the crying and the twitching could be pointing towards a painful injury of some kind. See a vet!

What could cause slight cramping colostrum leakage random pain in lower abdomen?

Pregnancy. Or hormonal imbalances? not sure...

What causes twitching in you stomach?

It could be digestion, workouts, or lack of sleep.

What causes hand twitching in children?

my 7 year old son taps his hands a lot this seems to be getting worse, now his arm is twitching to, what could it be?

What could cause twitching in your sleep?

Twitching in your sleep can be caused by:StressTirednessEye strainCaffeineAlcoholDry eyesNutritional imbalancesAllergies

Does luigi galvani had achievements in his inventions?

During a random experiment on November 6, 1787, Galvani discovered that a frog muscle could be made to contract by placing an iron wire to the muscle and a copper wire to the nerve.

Missed period and shooting pain in right thigh?

A missed period could be due to pregnancy, stress, or diet change. Shooting pain in ones thigh could be due to changes in the body due to pregnancy, strained muscle, or a pinched nerve.

What could cause your pinky finger to twitch?

AnswerA twitch is a sudden muscle spasm. It can be caused by a nervous condition, a problem with motor neurons or a host of other illnesses or diseases. If it persists, see your doctor. AnswerYour finger twitching could be a sign that your true love or crush is near you or possibly that you have Parkinson's disease.

Having sharp pains on the bottom of foot what could it be?

It could be a muscle cramp. Sometimes when I'm swimming my foot gets those at random moments. If it keeps hurting after a couple days, you should see your doctor

What causes numbness in the jaw?

I have occasional twitching/numbness of left jaw - doesn't hurt - what could cause this?

What causes a quiver or flutter in your chest lasting up to 1 minute after a sneeze cough or deep yawn?

Hello. This could be because you have Asthma. I get this myself and its perfectly harmless. Or you may be experiencing a slight palpitation which is also normal. I'm not sure if a palpitation is all that normal. If a fluttering is in the chest after a sneeze, my bet would be on a twitching or an intermittent spasm of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a muscle that sits at the base of the lungs and is responsible for allowing you to take air in and out. During a sneeze, the diaphragm has a violent and intense contraction. After the sneeze, it is quite possible to experience this muscle twitching. Any muscle that contracts in such a way can still have residual aberrant contractions.

What std causes muscle twitching 1 month after the incident?

Herpes is a well known virus that can affect muscle control and nerve endings. It is not always passed on sexually. for example, cold sores can be caught by sharing a cup and lead to the herpes "family" entering the blood. In extreme cases it is know to cause Bell's Palsy (paralysis of one side of the face) and shingles (think chicken pox on the muscles but ten times more painful) You can easily be tested and the GUM clinic can advise you if the twitching is related to an infection. If not, get to the doctors as it could be something serious (like a tumour) to something small like muscle growth

I found a black rat snake he she is not responding to me but he she is twitching everywhere it's been a couple hours and he she is still not making any improvement. what could this be?

The black rat snake may be sick if they are not responding and twitching on the ground.

Could you have sore breasts in phantom pregnancy?

Yes you could, you get all the symptoms of a normal pregnancy.

Violent twitching of limbs followed by prolonged unresponsive syncope?

It could be POTS. Go to for more information on it.

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