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Umaasa Lang Sa'yo

Di ko alam ang nararamdaman

I don't know what I'm feeling

Ng mawala ka at ako'y nag-iisa

Since you left and I'm all alone

Hanggang ngayon di ka nawawala

Until now, you still dwell

Dito sa isip ko, ika'y mahalaga

In my mind, you're still special to me


Ngunit pano na lang ako

But what will happen to me?

Kung mawawalay ka lang

If you'll be away from me

Dinggin mo ako

Listen to me

Nagsusumamo sa iyo

I'm asking you


Muli mong pagbigyan ang puso kong ito

Give this heart of mine another chance

Naghihintay na maalala mo para lang sayo ang pag-ibig ko

I'm waiting for you to remember that my love is only for you

Nasan ka man sana ay maramdaman

Wherever you are, I hope that you feel

Ako'y nandirito at umaasa lang sayo

I'm always here and trusting in you

Kahit saan ako mapunta

Everywhere I go

Alaala mo Hindi nawawala

Memories of you still remain

Nais ko man ika'y mahagkan

Even though I wish to hold you

Sa panaginip ko na lang malalaman

Only in my dreams I will find out

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

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