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Could stomach itches and missed periods with some spotting of red blood and some brown blood be signs of pregnancy?


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2015-07-15 20:54:10
2015-07-15 20:54:10

Stomach itches are usually just that but the bleeding and spotting need to be checked out. Pregnancy, cysts, endometriosis, along with just a fluke could all be possibilities. See a doctor.

Also, if pregnancy is a possibility you could be experiencing natural abortions. Sexually active women can become pregnant but never know b/c the embryo doesn't develop much and just goes out with what appears to be a normal period. That would explain a missed or delayed period. Same thing though- see a doctor.


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it usually only itches because it is stretching the skin

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it itches the lining of your stomach?????????????

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Yes. It itches because the skin is stretching

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No, it means you have an itchy stomach or perhaps some gastrointestinal issues. Most signs of pregnancy are missing a period, tired a lot, hungry for only one or two types of food, urinating a lot more than usual, and lack of wanting to do anything.

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When your hand itches... Scratch It. DAaa

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