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Yes infact there in one on mars according to NASA

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โˆ™ 2012-01-19 22:14:59
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Q: Could there ever be any volcanoes on any other planet?
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What planet is bigger then Betelgeuse?

No planet could ever come close to the size of Betelgeuse.

Are volcanoes only found on earth?

No, they are not limited to earth or ever our solar system. For example Io, one of the moons of Jupiter, is known to have volcanoes. They are merely dependent on if the planet has a molten core.

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Could humans ever live on planet mars?

yes, because no water and food in planet mars

Could you ever live on the planet mars?

Without a suit? No, the planet's atmosphere is thin and without oxygen.

Did Arkansas ever have volcanoes?


Has a spacecraft ever visited the planet mars?

I think that they have tried but failed. But i could be wrong...

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Did India ever experience earthquakes or volcanoes?

India has volcanoes and regularly experiences earthquakes.

Was an eruption ever been observed on another planet?

Not on another planet per se. Venus and Mars have volcanoes, but none have been observed to erupt. Volcanic eruptions have been observed on Io, one of the moons of Jupiter.

Why could a human not survive on Neptune?

No human will ever be to survive because it is a gas planet and it is freezing.

What is the biggest planet ever?

The biggest planet in our milky way is Jupiter, but the biggest planet ever is still unkown.

Which is brightest planet visible in earth's sky?

It varies depending on the position of the planets in their orbits. However, the planet Venus can be brighter than any other planet ever can.

Why both earthquakes and volcanoes occur at destructive plate boundaries?

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Nobody from Earth has ever been to any other planet.

Was there ever a planet in the Asteroid belt?

No planet ever existed where the asteroid belt is. The mass is insufficient for a planet to have formed from all that debris.

Is there grass on Venus'?

if you are talking about the planet venus..then u are mistaken my friend.have you ever seen volcanoes??? well the lava is qiute hot isn't it? so how about if i say the wholw of venus is coverd in it???

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How are mountains volcanoes and earthquakes similar?

Earthquakes and Volcanoes are similar because when they erupt or begin the place shakes where ever it is.

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Where do most volcanoes appear on the earths surfaces?

Where ever there are hotspots

Have there ever been a volcano eruption in Maryland?

There are no volcanoes in Maryland.

Will Mars ever have life or ever breed to make a planet called marcury?

Yes. And their cousin is planet Neputer.