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I guess it's a possibility. Try seeing your doctor or doing a pregnancy test.

2011-09-12 15:22:31
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Your period is late and you been getting a lot of headaches?

you could be pregnant but it is best to get checked out.

If you get headaches on a normal basis will getting pregnant do the opposite?

dehydration and thats all i know

Could being sleepy and getting gas like cramps and headaches be signs of pregnancy?

yes! because you start getting contractions that's a sign that you might be Pregnant.

Does headaches lower back pain sweeling in the belly means that am pregnant?

you might be getting your period? if not you might be; go to the docters to cheak.

What are symptoms if you are pregnant?

If you don't have your period is the most obvious but also if your breast are swollen or tender, if you are nauseous, if you are gaining weight for no reason, getting headaches, and if you are getting weird cravings for odd food.

You take a pregnancy test and it says negative but you still think your pregnant because from the first time you had sex your stomach is getting big with stretch marks and ive been getting headaches?

Visit your Doctor and have them give you a test. That should tell you if you are pregnant or not.

Can getting an MRI cause headaches?


Did you get and still have headaches after getting an Ommaya?

i don't know. Do you get headaches?? I may be able to explain that.

You are getting headaches heartburn flaky nipples light headed feeling dizzy gettng white dischrge are your pregnant with all these symptoms?

You don't have to be pregnant with all of these symptoms, I have these symptoms a lot and I am not pregnant. It's very normal for me but I have some other problems. Consult your doctor if you think your pregnant.

I am five months pregnant and i keep getting really bad headaches what could cause that or is it a worry?

Headaches in pregnancy are very common. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest, sometimes when youre body gets very tired a headache can be a sign. Also if you take any medication for the headaches make sure that you only take acetamenaphin. (Tylenol) Aspirin and Ibuprofen can hurt your baby.

When you bleed on the shot is that a definite sign of you not being pregnant?


Negative tests brown spotting headache nausia shoulderback pain are you pregnant?

i had sex 6 days ago and now i am getting headaches and nausea could i be pregnant? If you turn out to be pregnant let me know. I had the same symptoms and a negative test and now my period is three days late!

What does it mean when you always get headaches?

your not getting enough water

Are you pregnant if Ive been having cramps and headaches and feeling sick all the time?

yea you could be i have had bad headaches,nausuas,horrible crampings, and getting flue like symptoms you might want to check it out chicka..i have to caz i would be going onto my second trimester.

Could you be pregnant and still get a heavier and longer period than normal with little blood clots in it im getting headaches dizziness tirdness and nausea?

These could be signs of pregnancy or miscarriage.

I am on the shot and i have headaches and nausea am i pregnant?

usually birth control has side effects for at least 3 mths, how long have you been getting the shot? try looking up side effects?

Could you be pregnant your breasts are sore and your nipples are hard and dark red and sore you are eating a lot you get nausea through the day and you are getting headaches and lightheaded?

yes you should take a test

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period between the 1-3 of every month but you have noticed some of the early signs like being sick and getting headaches?

You may be pregnant if sexually active. Do a test when your period is late.

Could you be pregnant if you've been getting vaginal discharge more than usual with headaches and nausea and your temperature has been changing with your moods?

The best thing for you to do is to purchase a home pregnancy test or go to the doctors for a blood test to see if you are pregnant.

If you are having a cramping in the left side of your abdomen sore breasts sore back on the left side and headaches could you be pregnant?

yes you deinitely could be because im getting the same things right now. and i think im pregnant :) congratulations.

What are the main causes of headaches for teenage girls?

stress at least that's what i think since im the one getting the headaches...

Gin stop you from getting pregnant?

no Gin will not stop you from getting pregnant.

Where in your cycle do you have a high chance of getting pregnant?

chances of getting pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling tired bloated getting headaches and just started pinkish spotting but period is not due for 2 weeks?

Possibly. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

What are the symptoms of getting your period?

Cramps, irritability, headaches, bloating