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Could you be pregnant if you're on the patch and it hasn't fallen off but you're having symptoms of pregnancy?


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October 08, 2005 4:22AM

there is always the possibility because there is a difference in the effective rate (posted on the box) and typical use. If you are in doubt: get a test and check. Many tests can be accurate not too long after conception. If you are having questions then it might be long enough to tell. If you are positive: discontinue the patch and go see your dr. If you are having other issues (bleeding, cramps, etc) go see the dr. The piece of mind is well worth it. The piece of mind? Oh please. Who is answering these questions? Just to let yall know, I have been using the patch for two months. I have changed it the same day of the week every month just like it said, and I am now pregnant. So I'm not sure those figures are quite accurate. I certainly wouldn't be too trustworthy.