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A normal period makes pregnancy unlikely but it is possible to bleed and be pregnant. Do a test.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you have a regular period every month and sometimes you feel movements in your stomach and sometimes feel pressure towards your cervix and last week you felt nauseous?
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What is a healthy pulse for a woman who is pregnant?

Your pulse is sometimes higher when you are pregnant. Your pulse will rise with your blood pressure. You can ask your doctor how to avoid high blood pressure.

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What is the difference between force and motion?

forces are putting pressure motion are movements caused by a pressure applied to it

Changes in air pressure cause movements of air called?


Can repetitive movements irritate your tendons and increase pressure on your nerves?


Does pressure on the intestine cause frequent bowel movements?

I am not sure if it causes frequent bowel movements, however i know for sure, that with too much pressure, there may be sever consequences. For instance extensive pressure on the intestines may cause them to poke out from the anus, which is very severe.

Can a 47 year old male with high blood pressure get a 48 year old pregnant?

High blood pressure has no connection to getting someone pregnant.

Definition of manipulative movements?

Manipulative movements, or skills, are the abilities of a worker to handle a task with the right control and speed. They must complete these tasks under pressure.

Is barometric pressure a factor?


What is considered a dangerously high blood pressure for a woman 7 months pregnant?

Any high blood pressure when pregnant is dangerous. High blood pressure while pregnant can be a sign of eclampsia. if you go to your ob/gyn theyll prob categorize you with preeclampsia. TELL YOUR OB DR!!!!

What should be blood pressure for pregnant women?

A pregnant woman's blood pressure should be the same as any other person's normal blood pressure, around 120/80 (give or take 5-10 points). It is important to monitor the blood pressure during pregnancy, to watch for preeclampsia and eclampsia. If you are pregnant and your blood pressure is running abnormally high, immediately get medical care for the safety of yourself and your baby.

What is the air pressure at sea level called?

Sea level pressure, sometimes as mean sea level pressure.

Is high blood pressure inherited?


When temperature doubles does the pressure double?


How can you tell you have preclamsia?

If you have this disorder you will have high blood pressure. If you are pregnant with high blood pressure this can be dangerous. Your doctor will help you lower your blood pressure.

Pressure pregnant teenagers to much?

Yes. If I understand you correctly, that is.

You Have been having headaches almost everyday for a few weeks now A couple of times you have felt nautious and even got sick 1 time. you get a lot of pressure feelings in your head after getting up?

Chronic sinusitis or just a plain old sinus infection will cause pressure in your head and face. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it does not. Sinus infections can also cause you to feel nauseous or to get sick because of the mucus draining from your sinuses into your throat and stomach. if you don't think it is a sinus problem, migraines also come with nausea for some people but usually aren't associated with feeling pressure.

What does it mean if you are 35 weeks pregnant and sometimes you get dizzy?

You should see your doctor right away. You could be getting high blood pressure and that is what may be causing you to get dizzy. Good luck and God Bless:)

What are the symptoms of normal pressure hydrocephalus?

dementia, gait abnormalities, and incontinence (involuntary urination or bowel movements).

Does the blood pressure of a pregnant patient change as a result of pregnancy?

According to the UK National Health Service both hypertension (high blood pressure) andhypotension (low blood pressure) are common conditions in pregnant woman.See related link.

What are pressure transducers used for?

A pressure transducer is sometimes referred to as a pressure sensor, pressure transmitter or piezometers, to name a few. They are used to measure pressure, or force, of gasses or liquids.

Does pressure in your lower abdominal mean I'm pregnant?

Not necessarily. Lower abdominal pressure can be caused by many other things, including overeating and constipation. If you believe there is a chance you may be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If you are concerned about this abdominal pressure, consult your doctor.

Why do you feel dizzy and have a heavy head?

Sometimes this could be because of low blood pressure because I suffer from low blood pressure and I tend to feel like that sometimes.

Can propranolol stop you getting pregnant?

No, it's for high blood pressure.

Why do pregnant women urinate often?

The baby put pressure on the bladder.