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Could you be pregnant if you have slight spotting two days before your period is due?


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Yes. Implantation bleeding (which is what the spotting could be) often occurs around when your period is meant to be


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you have to give more spotting when? around period?before period what?

Possibly. Brown spotting can be implantation bleeding. Although spotting and slight cramps as well as tender breasts can be the onset of your period or PMS. If you miss your period then do a pregnancy test. The only thing you can do for now is wait.

theoretically no, but there CAN be a slight bleeding.

Yes spotting can be a early sign of pregnancy it is cause from the egg implanting into the uterus causing some slight bleeding.

Yes, you can. This happened to me with my 3rd pregnancy. I actually had the same kind of cramping that I normally get before my period and a slight spotting. PMS symptoms are very close to pregnancy symptoms. I definitely thought I wasn't pregnant. I only had a bit of spotting though and after a week of not get a full period I decided to take a pregnancy test and to my surprise I was pregnant. I ended up having a very healthy pregnancy and baby.

I'm going through the exact same thing right now. My husband and I are trying and about 5 days before my period was due I started spotting (at night only) and it lasted for 2-3 days.. not sure what to think. I'm hoping that there still may be some slight chance it was implantation and that I might be pregnant. Good luck to you.

Typically women that experience a "period" during pregnancy really only have slight bleeding with implantation. This is called implantation spotting. If you have confirmed you are pregnant, you should see a doctor for any bleeding.

It is common to have bleeding when you are pregnant on due date. This is normally much less in quantity. Never the less lady may call it menses only. At times slight spotting is common in next period also.

It is extremely unlikely as you would only just be ovulating two weeks before your period and therefore would only be getting pregnant if you were having sex on that day.

Yes, I had a 3 day period (my LMP) and I missed my period the following month...I'm 9 weeks pregnant now, so to answer your question, yes you can be pregnant No, you can't be pregnant and be on your period at the same time. But you can bleed quite a bit - the flow similar to the regular monthly period. The blood you are seeing is not the regular period, but spotting, this spotting can occur during implantation, as a result of a fertilized egg burrowing into the uterine lining. Another reason for spotting may be due to a slight rise in estrogen and a slight drop in progesterone. This will go away in a few weeks. If it continues then it's wise to contact your gp/ob-gyn because something else may not be attaching properly.

At two to three weeks pregnant, there's rarely many symptoms noticeable at all. You may have noticed slight spotting( implantation bleeding) or a missed period.

A very slight spot of bleeding occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine lining. Implantation bleeding usually occurs about 10 to 14 days after conception. It could be mistaken for menstruation itself but for the fact that the bleeding is very slight, and slight brown or spotty in appearance. This is the time when you cannot test for hormone levels in the blood because it is still too soon to tell for sure if you are pregnant.

Yes you can be pregnant, i had mild period like cramping when i fell pregnant with my 3 kids.

It is very possible. Often, the implantation of the egg into the uterine wall can result in slight bleeding. This could be what is happening in your case.

Yes, you certianly could be pregnant. Around 6-12 after concieving you might have what is called implantation bleeding, which is when the embryo implants into the uterus causing slight bleeding that is usually lighter, shorter, and discolored. Take a pregnancy test, you might be pregnant. Yes you could be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test.

There is a possibility. That would be implantation bleeding. But its still too early to tell. So wait until your period is due to take a HPT.

Its perfectly normal some women do have slight bleeding during pregnancy but if its ALOT you need to go see a doctor admediatly.

Take a test to know for sure, but often times women will have spotting when an egg has implanted. This is OFTEN mistaken for a monthy period.

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