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no, when you get pregnant you will have even more pms symptoms as they are cause by an increase in hormones, which is exactly what happens when you get pregnant, only tenfold.

AnswerIf you know your body, you know what normally takes place at the beginning of your cycle. It doesn't mean your pregnant it could be that your body is just changing.
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Q: Could you be pregnant if your period is due in a week and a half and you have not had any pms symptoms like usual?
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Could you be pregnant if you have all your usual period symptoms but no blood?

Yes it is quite possible that you are pregnant if you have all your usual symptoms and no blood especially if it around the time you are expecting your usual period.

If you get your period does that mean that you are definitely not pregnant?

No, you could still be pregnant especially if your period is lighter than usual.

You have been pooping more then usual could you be pregnant?

Not necessarily. You need to have more symptoms then that.

You had all the symptoms of pregnancy had a negative test result but 5 days late for your period then started lighter bleeding than usual but no more symptoms...could i be pregnant?

Yes. Go see a doctor.

Could you be pregnant if you have these symptoms breast tenderness late period lower abdomen pain about 5weeks after having sex and eating a lot more than usual?

They are all clear pregnancy symptoms so its very possible you are pregnant. Test to be certain.

Could you be pregnant if your period was a day early and lighter than usual?


Is it possible to be pregnant if your period comes at it's normal time but is a brownish color and it's not as heavy as usual and you have some symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes. My Mom had her period with all of us when she was pregnant.

Could you be pregnant and still bleed around the time of your usual period?

yes, you can even have a whole one when your pregnant.

If you had intercourse and the next day started your usual 3-day period can you still be pregnant?

Yes, you could. You can get pregnant anytime before, during or after your period.

You are trying to get pregnant and have had a period could you still be pregnant?

Losing some blood is expected right after conception. If you are sure you've had your usual period flow, you most likely are not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have all the symptoms of pregnancy for 3 weeks and still going but still got your period which was lighter than usual and on and off and the home tests are negative?

No! That is just wishful thinking!

Is it possible to be pregnant and have a period and no symptoms?

If you have a period, you are not pregnant - although you can still become pregnant, soon afterwards, if you are still having sex.

If you dont feel pregnant and you have all the symptom's of pregnancy and have your period what does that mean?

If you had your period after unprotected sex then you are not pregnant. As regards to the symptoms it may just be the usual sickness that some women get during their period such as cramps, bloating and lower abdominal pain.

What does it mean when you have had 2 months of no pms symptoms your period comes on time but its shorter than usual?

It really depends on how old you are. If you just started your period then your period is just irregular. If you're older than it could mean you're pregnant or going onto menopause.

I've had lots of period symptoms very sore breasts and weird sensations for 1 week my period is due today and has started but isn't as heavy Could I be pregnant if the blood is the usual colour?

yes there a chance that you could be. it might not be your preoired at all. it could be inplation bleading. or some woman have preirod like flow for the first few months of being pregnant

You have your period yet im having pregnancy symptoms?

I suggest you take a pregnancy test, but a very reliable sign of pregnancy is the lack of a period at the usual time. You can also speak with a doctor or midwife to establish why you are having these symptoms when you are not pregnant.

Does a lighter period than usual mean your pregnant?

No you dont get it when your pregnant

Is getting your period two days early a sign of pregnancy?

If you get your period you are not pregnant. However, if the period is light or shorter than usual then it's possible that you could be pregnant and you should take a pregnancy test

Could you be pregnant if your last period was 3 days instead of the usual 5 days and since then you have had very light pink spotting and your nipples have been sore?

Most likely you are pregnant but to be sure take a pregnancy test and go to your doctor if you have pregnancy symptoms.

I am on the pill and last month my period was two days late and lighter than usual i continued with my new pill pack but I'm now having pregnancy symptoms a month later could i be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if none of your usual pms symptoms occur besides back cramps but they're mild?

Possibly - take a test

Your breasts are bigger than usual and you have lower back pain with pressure downwards Could you be pregnant?

Yes and no. PMS (pre menstrual symptoms ) are just the same as pregnancy symptoms. If you are trying to conceive it is likely that you are pregnant you can feel confident testing after your period is late. Good luck! Low back pain is not a typical symptom of pregnancy, breat tenderness and nausea are. Without knowing when your last period was and when you had sex it is impossible to predict if you are pregnant of not. If you miss your period, get a pregnancy test.

You had a lighter period than usual this month you never usually get cramps gas and bloating but it was bad before your light period you are on BC but could there be a chance you are pregnant?

It always happens to me that way. Heavy symptoms of bloating, cramps, then my period is light. When I have hardly any symptoms, it's heavier. Don't know why, but just so you know your not alone. I'm also on BC.

What is the difference between pregnancy and period symptoms?

Everyone is different. Women who have bloating, tender breasts, will find that they go on for longer than usual and the period will not arrive. Other women will have no symptoms of either. I used to have no pre-menstrual symptoms at all then when I became pregnant and my period was a day late my breasts became very sore and hard.

Breast tender thick slimy vaginal discharge lighter period than usual nauseous could i be pregnant?

If not pregnant, lighter periods are due to infertility.