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Well, I'm no doctor, so i can't really be a reliable source. But if you ARE pregnant, you shouldn't be bleeding, and you need to see a physician. If you're REALLY conserned, then you should try to get hold of a pregnancy test. Go to a trusted adult relative, that you know won't tell your parents until you're ready to tell them, if you're a teenager.

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Can you get pregnant on the last day of your period and the sperm spild out onto my vagina?

Simple answer is YES. You can get pregnant: * before your period * during your period * after your period * period. This has been medically proven ... you can get pregnant at anytime.

Can a girl get pregnant if she is virgin but he cum on her vagina and she hasn't her period yet?

yes. a girl does not need to have her period in order to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant when you are late for your period and your husband ejaculated on the outside of your vagina?

not sure!

I have swollen vagina lips and my period is super late?

Congratulations, you are pregnant.

Can you be pregnant after having you period?

If sperm came into contact with the vagina, yes

Could you still be pregnant if you start your period and it is heavy a week after your vagina came in contact with a penis?

No, you will not get pregnant a week before your period, and if your period has come you are not pregnant. Do not allow your vagina to 'come in contact with' a penis, or sooner or later you WILL become pregnant. Stop playing games and use proper contraception. And find out how and when you get pregnant as you clearlyt don't know.

Can you get pregnant if he comes near your vagina but lets say your on your period?

you can still get pregnant while on your peroid. if he cums near your vagina you can also get pregant, chances are slim.

Is it possible to get pregnant if semen inserts your vagina after 5 days of your period?


Can you get pregnant if he cums on the surface of the vagina while you are having your period?

ew gross

Why do you have blood coming out your vagina if you dont have your period?

maybe your pregnant and lost your baby...

Your period came on the day after sperm enter the vagina can you be pregnant?

Bloody right you can

Can a girl get pregnant with a pillow if she is on her period?

Unless the pillow can release semen into her vagina, no she can not.

Can a girl get pregnant from rubbing her vagina while she is on her period?

It sweat them,but i don't known

Can you be pregnant if you got your period late?

if sperm came into contact with your vagina, yes

Can i be pregnant if I had to sex 2 days after my period and semen got on my vagina?


If you tried on a tampon without a period will you get pregnant?

A tampon will never make you pregnant, and won't interfere with your ability to get pregnant in the future. You get pregnant from a penis in the vagina, not a tampon.

If a girs virginity has not been broken yet can she still get pregnant if a penis is in contact with her vagina during her period?

If semen enters the vagina through any means a female can become pregnant. Sperm have the ability to live for a couple of days inside of the female body, which is why you can get pregnant on your period.

Is vaginal pressure normal while 8 months pregnant?

is it normal to have pressure in vagina at 8 months what can i do to relieve the pain

What is a period for a girl?

It is when a woman can become pregnant her body will drain eggs from the vagina if she doesn't become pregnant if she does they will attach to the uterus

Can a girl get pregnant with no tampon in and there was no penetration and the guy ejaculated on her vagina and she was on her period?

Very unlikely. When a girl is on her period there is no egg to be fertilized.

Why do you have period?

When you are not on your period the lining of your womb thickens (it is made of blood) and this is the best time to have sex if you want to become pregnant. If you do become pregnant you will miss your period because the lining is needed for the baby to grow. If you don't become pregnant, when your period is due the lining will be 'flushed' out of your body through the vagina. This is why you have a period.

What happens to the vagina when your pregnant?

Well,this is me and I'm pregnant now my vagina doesn't have any changes its just my period has stopped.And im not really used to it. Don't worry! my pubic hair has grown a bit

How can a 9 year old girl get pregnant?

If she is able to have her period, and has sperm injected into her vagina, there is a possibility she can get pregnant. Very unlikely, but things can happen

Can a cat get pregnant from the vagina?

There is no other way for a mammal to get pregnant, besides the vagina.

Could you be pregnant if you have an irregular period and your last period was on January 7 and you had unprotected sex on february 24 and semen went into your vagina?


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