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You are probably NOT pregnant. Sometimes my periods are two days, once it was FOURTEEN! If you are still concerned, you should go to a doctor.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if your period lasted only 3 days and you have symptoms but all pregnancy tests are negative?
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Can you cramp in early pregnancy symptoms?

Absolutely yes. My first pregnancy symptoms were indistinguishable from my normal PMS symptoms: cramps, sore breasts, fatigue. In fact, it's why I never considered I might be pregnant until my period was over a week late. This lasted throughout the early pregnancy.

If you had unprotected sex on the 18th then later on the 22nd and got your period on the 25th as due and it lasted 4 days as usual and now your having pregnancy symptoms can you be pregnant?

Lol you freak

I think I'm pregnant. But my period came a week late and it only lasted three days it was short and light and real dark. I've had pregnancy symptoms such as nauseabackpainand lower abdominal pains.?

take a pregnancy test

Are the pains from an ectopic pregnancy sudden or do they take time?

I had an eptopic pregnancy last year! I did not know that I was pregnant because the results came back negative. I started what I thought was my period and it lasted about 7 days and then the pains started in. That is when I found out it was an eptopic pregnancy from an ultrasound.

Does short period that is very light pink and only lasted half a day mean pregnancy along with other symptoms?

It sounds like you could possibly be pregnant. Why don't you go to your nearest pharmacy and purchase a self pregnancy test to confirm it.

If you had symptoms of pregnancy but then your period came and lasted five day then one week later you began to bleed again could you still be pregnant?

Take a home test or go get a blood test done by a doctor.

What if your period only lasted 3 days and it was very light you took a pregnancy test and it was negative could you still be pregnant?

yes, there have been cases where women get thir periods but are still pregnant. i would call your doctor and ask because there can be a lot of causes to weird periods. right now i am 2 wks late and having symptoms of pregnancy but all my tests are neg... im waiting til tomorrow to go to the doc. good luck

What if your period only lasted 2 days but negative pregnancy test?

either your period is doing some wierd switching up although it is normal for your period to switching up at sometime or you are pregnant. the reasonable thing to think is that you are pregnant because you can still menestrate during pregnancy and have a abnormal period. so you will need to go to your doctor and get a blood pregnant test and a full check up.

You had your period December 19th of last month It only lasted two days After that you have been having many pregnancy symptoms When can you test for pregnancy Do you need to wait until January 19th?

if your period for December was shorter then usual then there is a possibility you are already pregnant i would test now however if its negative then i would wait a week and test again if that's negative then i would see your gp for blood work good luck and no you don't have to wait till your next is due

Is fluttering in your stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

When I got pregnant, I had a fluttering sensation in my lower abdomen that lasted a few seconds. That's how I knew I was pregnant! So the answer is yes!

Can you be pregnant if your period was dark brown and it was late for a month and it lasted 3 days?

Oh man. Just take a pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if your period was a couple days late and it was very heavy with lots of bloods clots and lasted for three days and a pregnancy test a day before it started was negative?

could be but probably not you were just probably stressed and your period got out of whack

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