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you could be but it could also be late

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Q: Could you be pregnant missed period for 7 days?
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Could you become pregnant the day after missed period?

If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

If i you have missed your period for three days now. on the 14Th day after the first day of my period you had sex could you be pregnant?


Your girlfriend missed her period you have not been active in over two months she got her period in December but not yet and is about 13 days past could she be pregnant?

She could absolutly be pregnant!

How many days after your missed period can you know your pregnant?

You should be able to reliably test 1 to 5 days after your missed period.

How soon can you take a pregnant test?

After a missed period about 16 days.

How many days it takes to find out you are pregnant?

4-7 days after your missed period

Does a missed period mean no ovulation occurred?

if you have missed one period it doesnt mean no ovulation or pregnant you could be lat starting but if you still havent started after a few days of when your period should of started go to your doctor your pharmicest and take a pregnancy test because you could be pregnant.

If you have missed period by 5 days with no symptoms of pregnancyare there chances of being pregnant?

Could be, but 5 days is nothing. When you are 4 weeks without a period go get one of the tests.

I am confused about when to take a pregnancy test. Is it okay that i took it 5-7 days after my period?

you took a test 5-7 days after you had a period? or after you missed a period? if you had a period, you are not pregnant (unless it was very light, it could be implantation bleeding). if you took the test 5-7 days after a missed period, it should be accurate.

You missed a pill 4 days after period could you be pregnant?

It depends on when you ovulate. Your body might not have ovulated yet but there is still a chance you could be pregnant. It takes seven days of regular pill taking after your period to make it affective. I am in the same boat I missed my seventh pill and I am losing my mind. Most women do not ovulate until eight days after their period so hopefully you and I are safe :)

If you missed your period and normally get it for 7 days A week later you got it for two days could you still be pregnant?

Answer You cannot be pregnant if you have a period. It is probably an irregular period - quite natural. Answer It could be implantation bleeding which is where the egg implants into the lining of the womb. Take a pregnancy test

Your period has been late a couple of days and then you missed a whole month and then it came the next could you be pregnant?

take a pregnancy test

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