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Q: Could you be pregnant there is a faint line on pregnancy test?
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Very faint line after 10 minutes on pregnancy test could I be pregnant?


What if a pregnancy test shows one dark line and one faint line?

You are pregnant

I looked at my pregnancy test after 2 hours of doing it there was a very very faint line am i pregnant?

yes ,the line appears very very faint in the early stages of pregnancy

What does a faint negative line on a pregnancy test mean?

My positive line on my test was very faint. You probably are pregnant. You might consider retesting.

What does it mean when you have a faint blue line and a dark blue line on a pregnancy test?

It means your pregnant

Very faint and thin line appeared right away on pregnancy test could I be pregnant and anyone else have this happen?

A faint line normally means that the test is still positive. However it also depends on the pregnancy test. If you want to know for sure get a test that says pregnant or not pregnant such as Clear Blue. Or you can contant you doctor and take a blood test. The faint line happened to me on two tests, and I am pregnant.

You took a pregnancy test the results were one faint blue line and one dark blue line does this mean you are pregnant?

You could be or you could be and are loosing the pregnancy. Wait a week or two and retest to see what it tells you.

If you just took a pregnancy test and the 2nd line is very faint - but it is there - does this mean you are pregnant?


What does it mean if you get a faint line on a pregnancy test?

If it is a faint pink line then it means you are pregnant. If it is a faint grey line then it is what is called an evaporation line and you are not pregnant. If you are unsure wait a couple of days and take another test. You might also try a digital test. There is no mistaking that one!

Extremley faint line on pregnancy test hour after it was taken are you pregnant?

No. If it's not there with in at least 5 minutes, you're not pregnant

You are seven days late for your period you have taken a pregnancy test and the second positive pregnancy line was definitely visible but very faint Does this mean you are pregnant?

If the second line appeared with the amount of time allowed per the included instructions, then yes you are pregnant, no matter how faint the line.

Does a faint positive lines mean early pregnacie?

Any line that indicates that you are positive even a faint line means that pregnancy horomones were detected so you are pregnant.

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