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It is probably best to get a blood test to know for sure.

2006-09-12 17:35:09
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How do you gage your ears?

By putting a needle through your ear lobes and over periods of time you go bigger and bigger by putting bigger piercings in

How can you get manboobs withuot putting on fat?

by getting fat

Does putting hair color in your hair prevent you from getting lice?


What is the use of gets and puts functions in clanguage?

getting/putting strings

How do you prepare indicators frum plants?

by getting its petals and putting it to fire......

You are getting tenderness in your breasts and putting on weight and still having periods your boyfriend as ejaculated inside you a few times in the last few months could you be pregnant?

Not common but it has happened. Your first move should be a home preg test and then go see your Dr.

Why is water pollution getting worse?

It is getting worse because factories are still putting dangerous chemicals into the water.

When does a girl miss her periods?

Either when she's pregnant, losing/putting on weight, or not on schedule of period also it can sometimes meen stress.

What do most women think of a cross dresser putting a pad in the pantie while he wears them?

Pad in the panty is for girls with menstrual periods.

What are the disadvantages of breast feeding?

The main disadvantages of breastfeeding for youBlood borne viruses such as hepatitis B or HIV and some medication can be passed on to your baby in breast milk.Some women find breastfeeding painful, stressful and tiringYou are unable to measure the amount of milk your baby has consumed, this can be a disadvantage if your baby is having problems putting on weight.It can be difficult for a breastfeeding mother to leave her baby for more than a couple of hours as no one else can feed baby unless she leaves expressed milk.

How did Zachrias Jensenn invent his microscope?

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How do you create your own car engine?

by getting parts from stores and putting them together

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At the beginning it doesn't but after a few hours of putting them in it does.

Does putting more honey on a tree raise the chances of getting better Pokemon?

yes it does.

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by getting some outr of a box, outting in water and putting it in the microwave

Why are your breasts getting bigger?

You are simply putting on weight, you are going through puberty or are pregnant.

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How did Abe lincolns family feel about education?

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Do patio umbrellas fade in the sun?

yes over long periods of time the color will start to fade a tad. this can be avoided by only putting it out when you need it

What happens if your period only last two days?

It is very common to have irregular periods or periods which are lighter/heavier than normal, especially if you have only started having periods in the last few years. Lots of factors can cause irregular periods such as stress or losing or putting on a lot of weight, even things like going on holiday can upset your normal pattern. It is usually nothing to worry about.

Why does your gears lock up?

They may be getting stuck because of the weather or because they are getting old. Putting a little oil in may help.

What are your chances of getting pregnant if you put your Nuva ring in a week early?

Putting it in early does not increase your risk of pregnancy. Only putting it in late increases the risk of pregnancy.

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