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Yes, you could get direct auto insurance from any licensed insurance agent. You might want to call various insurance agents to get the best rate, however.

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Call a licensed life insurance agent

To become an insurance agent, most companies require an agent to have a college education. You will also have to be licensed with your state. You can read more at

You can get your auto direct insurance quote online or you can get an agent to come by your house and give you a quote. You could also go into one of there offices to get your quote.

Teachers Insurance, known as TIAA-CREF, sells all types of insurance and other financial products, such as annuities. Their products can be purchased through a licensed agent or direct from the company through their website.

You obtain title insurance from a licensed title insurance agent; I would not purchase it from a captive agent (that is, from the lender providing my loan, or from the realtor listing/selling the house).

You need to make sure that you are a licensed insurance agent for the state you want to sell insurance in. You also need to be appointed by Aetna.

To find a company that offers direct insurance, consult with an insurance agent or broker. They can provide information on companies that can provide direct insurance at low costs.

Every insurance agent is required to be liscensed. Check out the state board in your state to make sure that he or she has been properly vetted.

In order to become a pet insurance agent you must be a licensed P&C agent in NC. There are several pet insurance companies that offer commissions to agents including ASPCA and Embrace Pet Insurance.

You have to be a licensed agent in the state you want to sell insurance. Also, you need to be appointed by the carrier/ insurance company you want to sell for.

You will have to contact the company. If you are appropriately licensed you can ask them if they are accepting agent appointments at this time.

You, you most certainly can get a free auto insurance quote from Direct Insurance. Their home page has the information for requesting the free quote. You can also call their toll free number and speak to an agent to do this.

If you Dad is a licensed Insurance Agent, I'm sure he could sell you a policy. If your thinking of trying to trick or defraud the Insurance company. Property has to be insured by the owner and can be easily verified online.

A surety agent is a licensed insurance agent that has experience and represents surety companies. The surety agent is able to solict and place surety bond requests.

In order to become a successful licensed insurance agent, a person must receive a Bachelor's degree in Business or Economics. Insurance companies like to hire people whose academic background includes courses in math, finance, economics, accounting and business.

Look for a licensed title insurance agent with an office in the state you are transacting business in. You can contact your state insurance administration for information or a list of licensed agents in your state or look on line for a licensed title insurance agent in your local area. I would recommend confirming they are licensed and bonded. You can also check other qualifications by looking for a title company affiliated with local chambers of commerce and or professional associations like ALTA.

You can either contact licensed insurance agent (although not all sell travel insurance) or a licensed travel agent. Alternatively, travel insurance is often sold on line in conjunction with services by which to book transportation and accommodations. If you choose to purchase it yourself, read info on all insurance plans and choose what works best at your own pace.

There are many insurance agent training courses that could be right for you. For example, for life insurance training, you could try the courses provided by Independent Life Insurance Agent Association.

Insurance Agents by law are not permitted to process insurance claims, It's not their job. This would be a conflict of interest for the Agent. All the agent can do is forward information and facilitate information exchange and put you in touch with your Claims Adjuster. An agent who attempts to interfere with the claim can lose their job and possibly their agents license if they overstep their authority when it comes to claims. Insurance Agents are not licensed as Claims Adjusters. Agents are licensed as "Insurance Agents". Adjusters are licensed as "Insurance Adjuster". They are in totally different departments and have totally different job descriptions and responsibilities. So it does not appear that your agent is doing anything wrong. The person you need to contact for help with your claim is the Claims Adjuster assigned to you, not your insurance agent.

Yes, you should call a direct-insurer (which is the insurance company) and you can buy your insurance from them directly.

Contact an agent in your area, if they do not sell this type of coverage they will be able to direct you to an agent that does.

You can become a business insurance agent by studying insurance in college or business in college. In addition, you can become a business insurance agent by applying for an insurance company.

Yes and one of the benefits of buying insurance from the company you work for may be a reduced premium. == ==

If you are going to sell insurance, contact your State Insurance Commission. Most States require that you be a licensed Insurance Agent.

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