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Most likely no, but there still pre-cum, which still cum. She could, but the chance is slim to none that it would happen.

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Q: Could you get pregnant if you performed fellatio but there is no ejaculation you kissed and then he performed cunnilingus?
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Can you get pregnant if you performed fellatio and received manual stimulation?

No, you will not get pregnant doing this. You may end up with an STD, though

Can you get pregnant when the penis touches the vagina but there is no ejaculation or pre-ejaculation?

=No you cannot become pregnant from this.=

Can you get pregnant from pre- ejaculation?

Yes you can become pregnant from pre ejaculation.

Can you get a girl pregnant from sperming in her rectum?

No you can not get a woman pregnant from ejaculation into the rectum.

Is it possible for a man to produce an abnormal amount of pre-ejaculation and become pregnant?

There is sperm in pre-ejaculation so it's always possible to get pregnant from pre-ejaculation, whether he produces alot or a little.

What does pre-ejaculate mean?

It's the stuff that comes out before ejaculation and it contains sperm so it can get a girl pregnant Its pre-ejaculation its the ejaculation that comes before the actually ejaculation its the clear stuff

You are in your last days of your menstrual period you had intercource but it was and really early withdrawal and no pre-ejaculation nor ejaculation what are your chances of been pregnant?

well if there was no pre-ejaculation or ejaculation, what do ya think??? there is a 0 chance of it without any ejaculation retard.

Can pre-ejaculation get you pregnant?

I would say yes

Can you get pregnant if a man does not jackulate in a ladie?

Yes, from pre ejaculation

Can you get pregnant if you had protected sex and the male didn't ejaculate?

If you had the appropriate protection, then it is highly unlikely that you would become pregnant. Still, you need to take ejaculation out of the equation. Just because a male does not reach full ejaculation, does not mean there was no pre-ejaculation seepage of semen. If you do not wish to become pregnant, then always use protection.

Can you be pregnant if you are on your period and had unprtected sex and cramps after ejaculation?

You most certainly can!

Is Ejaculation necessary to become pregnant?

In sexual intercourse the male has to ejaculate in order to release the sperm requires to fertilise the females ovum thereby making her pregnant. female ejaculation plays no part in pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if the penis is not inserted all the way in and had withdrawal method?

You may get pregnant if ejaculation happens while penis is inside and during the fertilization period. However, if ejaculation happens outside or a condom is used then probability of getting pregnant is almost zero.

What is the likeliness that a girl would become pregnant if the spermicidal condom broke during sex without ejaculation?

Without ejaculation, not very likely.

Can a woman become pregnant from male transsexual pre-ejaculation?

A male transsexual is sterile. They cannot create viable testes yet.

Can you get pregnant if you have clothes on and you lay on top of a boy and you kiss but he doesnt ejaculate?

No. With clothes as a barrier and his lack of ejaculation, you will not get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you were in the beach in the water and the guy just penetrated once and took it out and there was no ejaculation?

No. There has to be sperm going in the girl for her to get pregnant

Can you get pregnant when the little portion of the penis gets in but it is not erect and no ejaculation occurred?

YES YOU CAN!!! Sperm still "leave" the penis without ejaculation. OR being erect.

Your girl got pre-ejaculation in her vagina she is on the shot will she get pregnant?


Can ejaculation fluid on outside of the vagina get you pregnant?

no one knows they are still researching it

Can you get pregnant from quick insertion and removal?

yeah you cpuld be pregnant with this act.......because sperm can be present in the precum,or from previous ejaculation......

What are the chances of gettin pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

Just as good as ejaculating inside. There is no difference between the two when it comes to sperm finding that little egg.

Can a 40 years Old Women get Pregnant if man ejaculates outside of her?

yes there is chances that she get pregnant. withdrawl of penis just before ejaculation is not effective method of contraception because some seminal fluid leaks before ejaculation

Will you pregnant quicker with a large penis?

Penis size has nothing to do with getting pregnant. Your chances of getting pregnant are determined by the amount of sperm produced during ejaculation.

If he doesnt ejaculated inside you can you be pregnant?

yes, live sperm can be found in pre-ejaculation