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There is a chance because men can still release "precum" without knowing and it can have sperm in it

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You really shouldn't be, if you put the condom on before first insertion and it didn't get damaged.

There is always a slim chance that you can be pregnant even if he wore a condom and pulled out. The signs will be a missed period and tender breasts.

As long as the condom was not damaged and it did not come of as he puled out. there is no chance of you being pregnant. no sperm inside no pregnancy.

Slim to none, if the condom was used correctly. Condoms are in the lower to mid- 90th percentile effective against pregnancy, on average. The fact that you pulled out before ejaculating into even the condom means it's highly unlikely your partner will be pregnant as a result of your rendezvous.

It prolly was from your girlfriend. They get wet down there in the heat of the moment. If the condom was intact I doubt she is pregnant. Use spermicide along with the condom next time!

The same chances as if he hadn''s called pre-ejaculation.

umm.. he did wear a condom, and he pulled out way before the signs of him cumming. repeat, he DID WEAR A CONDOM! The withdrawal method is not safe. Even though he pulls out before ejaculating, he does produce natural lubrication which has sperm in it. Women who use the withdrawal method usually get pregnant within 1 year of doing this. If you really want to prevent pregnancy, then have the man wear a condom or get birth control. when you say protected sex i hope you mean by condom for one the only way you could be pregnant is if there was a hole or tear in the condom but dont rely on most spermicide if you do get it from your gonocologist me and my boyfriend just pull out but im on depo great stuff it keeps me from having periods you should try it

this is possible if the condom comes off or spilts if there is any chance that the sperm entered the women at any time this means there is a chance that the women can become pregnant. This is true, but the sperm can only last for 24hours before it becomes 'defective'.

It is difficult to say but if you pulled out and had a condom then there is a good chance that semen did not come in contact with her vagina. If it did, you do have a reason to worry. Two days to 24 hours after her ovulation is one of the best times to try to get pregnant because sperm can live up to three days while the females egg only lasts about 24 hours.

yes, unless you want a baby, spend 75 cents on a condom. be more responsible

Yes. There is sperm in the precum (mans natural lubrication). And since he went first in the condom, the sperm is nice and fresh. If you are pregnant, congratulations! Now, takes some responsibility and be a good parent (or give it up for adoption rather than kill it).

it could be likely some sperm entered you because sperm does swim. a hole in the condom any were is a likely posibility sperm entered you. but i would see a ob to be sure you are or aren't pregnant

If the cum is fully inside the condom, then no. But if the open end went inside then you took it out, or some cum got it awhile you pulled it out, and septed around the condom, then yes you could possibly be pregnant. If you're really that concerned, go to the pharmacy and get an over the counter birth control pill called the "day after pill." It will help stop the chances of pregnancy the sooner you take it. It is about 50$.

Condoms are not 100% effective, they can break or leak during use. So it is possible to get pregnant while using condoms, though considerably less likely.

It is unlikely, but there is a such thing called pre-cum which is a clear liquid that comes from a male's penis before he ejaculates. This may also contain sperm, and if there was a hole in the condom that may have entered your body. But like I said, it is HIGHLY unlikely for you to become pregnant while using protection, and pulling out.

Was there someone else you had unprotected sex with? If so, then that's the likely father. But you could be, it just isn't likely.