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Could you lose weight just drinking zero sugar soft drinks?

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you wishDepends. Do you mean zero-sugar drinks as in WATER? Water is definitely more healthy than any soft drink. I would suggest drinking water instead of a soft drink. I know that that would work.
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Can you lose weight by drinking one diet drink a day the rest of the day just drink water?

Diet drinks are just drinks without sugar. They don't in any way make you lose weight. Better off just drinking water all day.

Can you overdose on energy drinks?

energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, drinking too much without burning off all that could lead to diabetes.

Why is it so hard to stop drinking soft drinks?

Most soft drinks contain sugar, and sugar is addictive. It's not the drink, it's the sugar in it.

What will happen if you drink too much soft drinks?

Soft drinks are often very high in sugar and acid, which are both very bad for your teeth. Drinking loads can also contribute to weight-gain.

If you replace food with drinks how fast can you lose weight?

loads of drinks are high in sugar so they put on weight too

What happens when you stop drinking sodas all at once?

Soft drinks are not addictive in the same sense that drugs are. Nothing will happen; though you may loose some weight from the lack of excess sugar that soft drinks contain.

Do the sugar pills on birth control make you gain weight?

No. You get more sugar from drinking pop

What is a good opening sentence Hook for a persuasive essay on why energy drinks are bad for you?

Do you like drinking sugar? How about crashes, do you like those? Energy drinks do both.

Why is drinking energy drinks bad for kids?

Because Drinking Energy is chuck loaded with sugar witch is very bad for kids (If you know what i mean)

What is something you cant eat but makes you gain weight?

Certain liquids, especially sugar flavored water, such as soft drinks, or colas, will help put on weight. A person who diets as far as food is concerned, but, drinks soft drink colas flavored with sugar will put on weight.

Does drinking pop make you fat?

It depends on how much you consume. Soda has sugar in it, and if you do not burn more calories than you are taking in, you will gain weight. Diet soda has no sugar or calories, so you will not gain weight solely from drinking it.

What are the effects of Drinking soft drinks?

Soft drinks (like Coke and Pepsi) are loaded with sugar, caffeine and exhibit a high pH. The impact is immediate (See Link)

How does soda affect weight?

Soda drinks usually contain sugar, which makes you gain weight. In theory, such drinks may contain stevia or artificial sweeteners instead; in that case, they won't make you gain weight.

How does Diet Coke affect weight gain?

Drinking soda with artificial sweetener instead of regular soda can have a significant effect on weight gain because of absence of sugar. However studies have shown that diet drinks could have negative effects on the brain in regard to hunger management. These studies suggest a possible disconnect between drinking the soda and satisfying thirst and hunger thus making you drink more and eat more and canceling out the intent of losing or maintaing weight.

Do carbonated drinks cause weight gain?

No, but the sugar and high fructose corn syrup sure do.

What are the harmful effects of drinking soft drinks?

Soft drinks are pure sugar, and have no nutritional value. They are empty calories and not good for you at all. In addition, the sugar they contain is in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which has an even greater impact on your insulin levels than table sugar.

Does monster drinks push up your blood sugar?

While energy drinks are available in both regular sugar-sweetened and sugar-free versions, the amount of sugar in the sugar-sweetened energy drinks varies according to the size and kind of drink chosen. For example, an 8 ounce regular drink might contain 22.6 grams of sugar, while a 16 ounce drink could contain as much as 52 grams of sugar (or 13 teaspoons of sugar). Patients with diabetes who consume sugar-sweetened energy drinks could certainly expect their blood glucose levels to increase!

Is monster energy drinks safe?

yes but drinking too much of it will cause you to go very hyper and maybe have sugar overdose

Why is eating too many chips and drinking too many soft drinks bad for you?

Too much oils and sugar (respectively).

What is are the products to be used to lose weight?

Low-fat, and low-sugar foods and drinks in sensible amounts.

Will drinking apple cider vinegar in juice help you to lose weight?

No drinking apple cider vinegar in juice will not help u loose weight because vinegar has fat in it and apple cider has sugar in it try drinking water

Why don't alcoholics loose much weight after quitting drinking?

because they crave the sugar that was in the alcohol

Why does drinking liquid sugar make you gain weight but eating sugar doesn't?

I think that eating sugar does make you fat, because sugar builds on fat molecules, which makes you fat.

How many drinks have no sugar?

5 drinks

Do fizzy drinks carry more sugar than sport drinks?

Yes Fizzy drinks carry more sugar compare to sport drinks.