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You may be feeling nauseas when you lie down because you have a tummy virus. Or you may be pregnant. So yes it is possible to still be pregnant but because you had a normal period this does lower your chances of being pregnant significantly. See your doctor for a blood test to find out without a doubt. HPT are not very reliable.

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Q: Could you still be pregnant if you had your menstrual cycle but a test was negative but you are still feeling nauseous when you lie on your stomach at night or after you take a run?
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Does feeling nauseous when you are hungry mean you are pregnant?


How do you know you are peregnat?

If you are feeling nauseous, feel dizzy or feel weak you are probaly pregnant.

What are some signs of being pregnant?

Feeling Nauseous cramps that feel like premenstal cramps a bloated feeling feeling emotional (if you are pregnant you are going through hormonal changes which may effect your emotions)

What can the problem be if you have abdominal pain a bloated stomach and have been feeling nauseous for the last couple of days?

you are pregnant

Your boyfriend has been getting hunger pains and you have been feeling nauseous Does this mean that you are pregnant?

Hunger pains? No, nothing you mentioned points toward being pregnant.

How do you stop a nauseous feeling?


What is a word for Queasy feeling?


Why you feeling nauseous all day could you be pregnant even if you have had a period?

You could, but probably are not. There are many, many other things that cause nausea.

You are feeling dizzy and nauseous your period is late and tested negative on the pregnancy test?

I feel the same exact way. Maybe a blood test will do.

What is a sentence for Nauseous?

Type your answer here... You feel queasy when u are nauseous

Is feeling gassy which results is burping along with feeling nauseous a sign of pregnancy?

Not necessarily, however the following symptoms might be the only signs of telling you whether or not you might be pregnant. Who knows, you could just have quite an upset stomach. missed menstrual period nausea extreme fatigue frequent urination tender breasts headache heartburn constipation spotting feeling faint Its normally the other way around.

What does odansteron do to you?

It stops you feeling nauseous and wanting to vomit.

What is a sick and nauseous feeling called?

Malaise. Nausea.

If you are 16 days late for your period feeling nausea feeling fatigue feeling cold but have taken a test that says negative could you be pregnant?

no no your not stop thinking that

Could you be pregnant if you have been off the pills for two months and have been trying to conceive and have been feeling nauseous and gassy but a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago was negative?

MAybe you took the test to early. I was real gassy in the begining of all my pregnancies and never knew why.

If you are feeling nauseous two days after sex could you pregnant?

2 days after sex is too early to experience pregnancy symptoms. The nausea you are experiencing is not related to pregnancy

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling nauseous and dizzy for about a week and a half and you are craving sweets but a pregnancy test was negative and did you possibly take the test too early?

Hiya! If you are pregnant then it sounds like you took the test too early hun. I would test in about one or two weeks and see your doctor for a blood test. Good luck.

Could you be pregnant Iv had a very light period but the normal 4 days duration iv been feeling nauseous emotional and tired and have itchy boob iv been having stomach cramps and bloating of the tummy?

Yes those are common signs of pregnancy, but are also signs that your menstrual period is about to start (pms etc.)

Is it normal to be nauseous on your period?

'Fraid so, for some women at least. Everyone's different when it comes to symptoms but feeling nauseous is perfectly normal.

Could you be pregnant if you are feeling nauseous and just developed a yeast infection and are very tired and have a tingling sensation in your stomach?

The listed symptoms are certainly key signs of pregnancy, especially the fatigue and abdominal tingling sensation. You should take a home pregnancy test - if you haven't already - and even if it is negative, if you still feel pregnant you should get a pregnancy test performed by a doctor.

If I'm feeling nauseous and dizzy i am on the patch and have had a pap smear 3 weeks ago can i be pregnant?

A missed period and/or positive pregnancy test are the signs of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

Are there any signs of being pregnant after 4 weeks?

Many women will not feel any different at this stage. Others will already be experiencing a feeling of fatigue, and will especially recognize it if they have been pregnant before. Some will feel mildly nauseous or faint.

What is a word that starts with an N that relates to being sick or feeling horrible?


If i have a negative pregnancy test but feeling nausea can i still be pregnant?

In some cases yes you can, But go to a doctor to be sure!

How should your stomach feel if im pregnant?

its not necessarily a feeling... that normally doesnt come til later, when the baby is more developed, but you may be nauseous and youll miss your period... i suggest a pregnancy test.

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