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When married you are emancipated so no.

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Q: Could you still be under states custody if i'm 17 pregnant and married?
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If you are underage and pregnant can you get married?

In most states the only way you could is with your parents permission.

How do you temporarily give up custody to my pregnant teen?

Well, You could just give her sole custody, wait, and then get her to give you sole custody. I am just guessing

Where in the United States could a sixteen-year-old get married without a parent's consent if they are pregnant?

Nowhere. 18 is the legal age in every state.

Does a parent have to have custody to consent to their underage child's marriage?

No, You don't have to have custody of your child to consent to the marriage. You either have to be parent which you are or the gurdian. You are still your child's parent regardless of weather you have custody or not. You could also call to the Clerk of Courts and ask them if this will make you feel comfortable.AnswerIt depends on the laws of your state. But in many states (and for all I know it could be 'most' or 'all' states), a non-custodial parent alone cannot give permission for a minor to get married.

If a 15 year old gets pregnant can she get married without parents consent?

No she can not. In some states she could at 16 with the courts consent but no court will alllow it based on a pregnancy alone.

Do you have to be a resident of Georgia to get married if you're 16 and pregnant?

No. There are plenty of other places you could be a resident and still get married at 16.

What happens if a child's mother dies but she was not married to the father?

If paternity has been legally established, the father could petition for custody/ guardianship.

Boyfriend got you pregnant and his is a married marine what could happen to him?

If they find it out, he will get kicked out. If you want to be together get him to get a divorce asap before they find out. It sucks being pregnant with a married me. (from experience)

Could you get into trouble for leaving state with son if you have been living with father but are not married?

Depending on the state, yes. Arrange a custody agreement first.

Can a foster child get married if the parent does not have custody?

Try calling your local Children and Youth Services. It could even go by Children and Family Services in some states. They might be able to tell you. Different states have different laws regarding the age of consent. The person with legal custody can give their consent. Underage persons can petition the court for permission to marry in some states. You need to check with the case worker, an attorney, the family court or a court advocate.

What happens if a 24 year old gets a 16 year old pregnant in new york can the 24 year old be arrested are they allowed to get married?

It depends on your state you live in. Most states the age of consent is 16 so you should be o.k. there. And in most states you could get married, but she would need parental consent.

If the aunt has custody how could the father go about getting custody?

appeal to the court

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