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There is no special to become a writer, in fact the only way to become a writer is to spend time writing. Like the old mantra says practice practice practice. This is the only way to become a writer.

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Q: Could you tell me how to become a writer?
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Why did Megan McDonald become a writer?

she could tell her feelings and expressions by writing them down and then she begins to like writing stories

How would the writer of an epic tell what happened before the story had began?

The writer could use a flashback.

What kind of job can i get if im good at English?

you could become a writer editor publisher

What skills do you need to become a writer?

What skills and qualifactions will i need to become a writer?

Can a 11 year old become a writer?

Yes, absolutely. The discipline of a writer demands practice, expertise in language and spelling, but mostly, an ability to tell great stories.

What did Miguel de Cervantes study?

miguel studied languang so he could become a writer

How did J.K. Rowling become a writer?

She was always a writer.

Was it William Shakespeare's dream to be a writer?

to become a writer

Why did Jacqueline Wilson want be a writer?

Because she was a very talented writer and she loved to write so she decided to become an author so she can tell people about the love of books I think.

How did William shakespeare change when he become a writer?

We have no documentation of Shakespeare's personal life, so it is impossible to tell 1) when he became a writer, and 2) if he changed at all whenever that happened.

How does one become a writer for the ballet?

If you want to be a writer for ballet, you have to be smart.

What qualifications are required to become a writer?

To be a writer, you need to write. Period. Qualifications are simply a good command of the language and the ability to tell a good story. The rest is just practice, practice, practice.

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