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HCG IS not related to dietary intake. Certain fertility drugs could cause hcg levels to rise.

HCG will not ever be detected if you are not pregnant. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnancy and has nothing to do with anything you eat.

HCG can be produced if you have some cancers or ovarian cysts.

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Q: Could your HCG level go up because of what you eat or something else if you are not pregnant?
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What does it mean to be pregnant and dream about going into labor?

It depends on the level of meaning. It could be about literal pregnancy. Maybe you have a pregnant friend and you discussed it recently. Or, you could be pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or afraid that you are pregnant. On the symbolic level, it could mean that something you have worked hard to obtain is about to happen. For instance, if you are a writer, then you could be "pregnant" with ideas, and you are close to getting a book published. Or maybe you have worked hard for a company and just know deep inside that a promotion and/or raise is just around the corner.

Beta hcg level of 1 could you be pregnant?

This may be a level of a lost pregnancy weeks prior.

Does hcg level of 1 mean there is something left after miscarriage?

No a normal hCG level in non-pregnant women is 0 to 5.

Is 73500 hcg level high for 7weeks 5days pregnant?

it could mean twain's.

You are 5 months pregnant you cant test positive for being pregnant?

that's because your hormone level qiuts after 3 months

Can you get pregnant with a high hcg hormone level?

Can you get pregnant with a high hormone level

If hcg level is 0.5 does this mean pregnant?

No, it has to be at minimum of 5. Make sure you did not do the test to early, if not, you are not pregnant. ( I know because I did the test aswell)

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What if your hcg level is 0.1 percent but if you conceived it would have only been 2 weeks ago Could you be pregnant?


Can you become pregnant if you have an elevated level of prolactin in your blood?

Can I become pregnant if I have an elevated level of prolactin in my blood?

Can drinking soda affect the baby?

There are 3 reasons to avoid soda when pregnant. They are; - caffeine is something you always should avoid when pregnant and many soda drinks has it. - Sugar is something a pregnant woman needs ot be careful with so she does not develop Diabetes during pregnancy. - carbonated water has shown to lower the level of calcium and that is something the baby needs.

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