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Q: Countries settling in America included all the following except?
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Which countries are included in the term of latin America?

Latin America typically includes countries in the Americas that speak Romance languages derived from Latin, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French. This includes countries from Mexico in North America to Chile and Argentina in South America. It also includes countries in the Caribbean like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

How many countries are on the contient of south America?

In the actual continent there are 12 countries, but if central America is included, there are 19.

What European countries were exploring and settling in the America?

France, Spain, Dutch, English.

What are the areas not countries that are included in the South America continent?

South America includes diverse regions such as the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes Mountains, the Atacama Desert, the Patagonian region, the Pampas grasslands, and the Guianas. These areas are characterized by unique ecosystems, landscapes, and cultures that contribute to the continent's richness and diversity.

What countries are commonly included in the definition of North America?

umm...the USA? :D

Which one of the following countries is in South America Mexico Spain Madagascar or Peru?

Peru is in South America.

What 4 countries are included in the southern cone of south America?

Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Is there a free download for settling America?


Which countries have a Republic Government?

The following countries have a Republic government: America (US) France The Slovak Republic (Slovakia)

Which country borders North America?

Canada and MexicoAnswer 2North America is a continent, containing the countries of Canada, Mexico and the USA. Caribbean Island nations and central American countries south of Mexico are sometimes included in "North America."

Who paid for settling in America?

Nathan Timmothy Blair

Examples of large herds that roamed the interior of North America included all of the following EXCEPT .?