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Ally helped there foreign countries

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Q: What foreign countries helped america?
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What foreign countiers helped America?

There were 3 countries that helped America. The three countries that help America were France, Spain and British.

How foreign countries helped America?

I dont f-ing know! This website sucks!

Why are foreign countries building factories in Latin America?

Why are factories being built in latin America by foreign countries.

Is foreign policies the study of domestic politics of foreign countries?

No. Foreign policy refers to a country's policy toward other countries. For example, U.S. foreign policy is the policy of the U.S. with respect to countries in South America and Central America, Mexico, Canada, and countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.

What structure helped to decrease Americas depence on foreign oil?

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline helped to decrease America's dependence on foreign oil.

What countries helped America?


What is the foreign policy in England?

A policy that helped promote foreign trading and shipping with other countries.

How did foreign aid helped America?

When USA had the American Revolution, the French helped us in the end of the revolution

What is a foreign country that starts with a letter y?

yoo-s.a!! lol but America is foreign to other countries

How many countries in Latin America are using foreign investment?

All of them.

What did dollar diplomacy produce in latin america?

Greater economic influence for the United States. Apex Yo.

What support did the patriots receive from foreign countries?

money, supplies, and troops to helped the patriots.