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America reopened trade with foreign countries except for France and Britain.

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Q: What did the nonintercourse act do?
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What was the nonintercourse act?

what was the non intercourse act

What act repealed Jefferson's embargo act?

nonintercourse act

Congress replace the embargo act with what act?

The Nonintercourse Act

What did congress replace the Embargo act with?

The Nonintercourse Act

What replace the embargo act in 1807?

Nonintercourse A+

Which nations trade with America based on the Nonintercourse Act?


When did the Nonintercorse Acts take place?

The Nonintercourse Acts were passed by the US Congress in 1809, 1810, and 1811. They were intended to replace the Embargo Act of 1807 and aimed to stop the passage of American ships through both British and French ports during the Napoleonic Wars.

What is the law that prohibits American merchants from tradeing with other countries?

In generic terms its called an Embargo. Other terms related to such are called.. Embargoes and Sanctions..boycotts...nonimportation...nonintercourse... maybe a few more, some relate to them not receiving goods, but allowing to ship out, others refer to not being allowed to ship out but receive, others refer to no shipping into or out of.

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i think prohibitory act doesnt belong.

Was the navigation act after the quartering act?

no the navigation act was before the quartering act

What did the sugar act stamp act declaratory act Tea Act townshend act and coercive acts do?

stop tax

What came first the stamp act declaratory act or the quartering act?

the quartering act