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Cr2S3 chromium two or chromium 3?


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It is Chromium III (3)

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Cr2S3 is Chromium sulfide.

The chemical formula of chromium (III) trisulfide is Cr2S3.

Cr2S3 can be broken down. You know that when combined, the charges will flip and go to subscript. That means that it broken down, it is Cr^3 x S^2. Cr^3 is the transition metal, Chromium III. The S stand for Sulfur. So the answer is Chromium (III) Sulfide

Chromium (ii) sulfide is CrS. The ii indicates that chromium can take on different valence characteristics, here sharing two electrons with the sulphur atom. The same elements can also make a different mineral compound, Cr2S3 where Chromium atoms share 3 electrons instead of two.

The correct name is Chromium (III) Sulfide Since Chromium is a transition metal and we know that it is in the ionic form of Cr 3+. Make sure and identify that,... We DO NOT name it according to covalent rules... it is not called Dichromium Trisulfide... that would be incorrect since this is a ionic bond.

Two Chromium Atoms, and 3 Oxygen Atoms. (Cr2O3)

The chemical formula Cr2S3 is for dichromium trisulfide.

Chromium III is Cr3+. The roman numeral tells you the charge. Sulfide is S2-. You can figure this out from the periodic table. Sulfur needs two electrons to be like Argon, the next noble gas. When they form a compound, they combine in a ratio such that the total positive charge balances the total negative charge. 2 Cr3+ ions have a total charge of +6. 3 S2- ions have a total charge of -6. So the formula is Cr2S3.

two chromium atom in k2Cr2O7

charge on chromium in the salt CrF3 is positive 3 (+3)

3 and 6 are possible valences of chromium ions (3----→3 electrons are lost, 6---- →6 electrons are lost).

Chromium has three valences: 2, 3, and 6.

CrPbecause Cr (chromium) has a 3+ chargeand P (phosphorus) has a 3- charge

No. CrS3 is chromium VI sulfide. Chromium III sulfate is Cr2(SO4)3

The compound is Chromium(III) Oxide. Chromium is 3+, since the compound has to have a charge equal to 0. Since there is 2 chromium atoms each chromium atom must have a charge of 3+ to balance out the 3(2-) charges of each oxygen atom; 2x+3(-2)=0, transpose for x(chromium), (in case you need the working out).

Chromium form three (not only two) bromides: * CrBr2, containing 24,759 85 % chromium * CrBr3, containing 17,991 45 % chromium * CrBr4, containing 14,129 09 % chromium 1 gram of CrBr3 contain 179,91 45 mg chromium.

Aluminium 3+ Iron(III) 3+ Chromium(III) 3+ Gold(III) 3+

Chromium VI sulphate Cr(SO4)3

Chromium(III) nitrate is Cr(NO3)3

The CORRECT name is chromium(III) hydroxide.

Chronium(III) Sulfide Chronium(III) Sulfide

Chromium(II) nitrate: Cr(NO3)2Chromium(III) nitrate: Cr(NO3)3

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