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Q: Creating menu using jsp with coding?
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How to Update data from jsp into database?

can i get update coding in jsp??

How validate and retrieve data from database in jsp?

We can do validation by using JavaScript. Here we are using function Validate(). Iam creating one JSP name index.jsp & give a link to another JSP name basic.jsp. In that Jsp iam using Type 1 Jdbc Driver & giving a database connection

What will be Code for creating departmental store management system using JSP?

what is departmental store?

How do you get the image file from the database with JSP?

Follow the steps of this article:

What are the member states of CARICOM?

CARICOMMEMBER STATES are:Antigua and BarbudaThe BahamasBarbadosBelizeDominicaGrenadaGuyanaHaitiJamaicaMontserratSaint LuciaSt. Kitts and NevisSt. Vincent and the GrenadinesSurinameTrinidad and Tobago

Describe jsp processing?

JSPs are converted to servlets before the container runs them. This is actually cool because you don't need hardcore java programming skills to create a JSP page whereas you'll need them to write a servlet. Moreover, all you'll need to write a JSP is some expertise in creating HTML files and in using JavaScript. You can create front-end JSP pages without having much expertise in Java at all. Although JSP reduces the required skill level, JSP becomes a servlet, with the nice performance and portability benefits.

Can you create web forums using jsp and servlets?

Yes. All sorts of web Applications/websites can be created using JSP and Servlets

How the data is viewed in a JSP in the form of table?

You can display data in Tabular format in a JSP page using the HTML <Table> Tag. You can even assign dynamic values to the table using JSP Scriptlets. <% %>

Can insert javascript coding in servlet?

No. Javascript code can be present inside a JSP but not inside a servlet. A Servlet is a pure java class.

Is jsp a language.justify?

JSP stands for Java Server Page, which is a program that controls how things appear on a webpage. JSP is not considered a language but it is written for programs using the programming language of JavaScript.

How do we find a jsp version in Java?

first you have to find out what version of j2ee you are using then from there you can lookup the jsp version for that version of j2ee

How do you transfer values from javascript to JSP?

You can set the value in the hidden form fields using javascript and access the form fields in JSP

How do you create chart using ireport in jsp?

you die.

How you can display servlet page in jsp page?

You cannot. You display JSP Pages using the help of Servlets. Servlets are of the background classes and you cannot display them

Create a table using JSP Servlets?

scope of operater

Can xml be created using jsp?

Yes, JSP can output XML. To do this, simply output XML instead of HTML inside the JSP. A good idea is to start the JSP with a <%@page contentType="application/xml; charset=UTF-8" %> header, so that the correct contentType gets set.

What is different between jsp and servlets?

A JSP is typically oriented more towards displaying information, and a servlet is more oriented towards processing information. For example, a JSP might display a report, while a servlet would process a user submitted form. These uses are not exclusive, but they are optimized more for performing tasks in this manner. It is much easier to incorporate HTML coding into a JSP than a Servlet. It is also easier to write more complex Java code in a servlet.

What are the main differences between single-tier and multi-tier site architectures?

Sigle tire means using single technique to built entier application. For Example only using jsp for building whole web application instead of using jsp, servelt and database.

Can you create a database with only a form?

Yes , you can create a database using a form . But you have to do two things First make a form in html or jsp whatever you like. Then Connect the form to database using java database connectivity.Yes, we can create database with a form. First create a form using html or jsp then we can connect it to database using JDBC.

How can you get the current JSP Page name?

Using either of the two below commands inside a JSP Scriptlet: application.getRealPath(request.getServletPath()); or getServletConfig().getServletContext().getRealPath(request.getServletPath());

Can you start a website if you don't know HTML?

You can code a website in a different coding language, for example PHP or JSP. However it's advised you learn HTML first as it's the easiest and is needed in many other coding languages too. If you find HTML too difficult then there's no way you'd be able to grip PHP or any other advanced coding language.

What are jsp actions?

JSP actions are XML tags that direct the server to use existing components or control the behavior of the JSP engine. JSP Actions consist of a typical (XML-based) prefix of "jsp" followed by a colon, followed by the action name followed by one or more attribute parameters. There are six JSP Actions: < jsp : include / > < jsp : forward / > < jsp : plugin / > < jsp : usebean / > < jsp : setProperty / > < jsp : getProperty / >

What are the advantages and disadvantages of JSP?

Advantages of JSP 1. HTML friendly simple and easy language and tags. 2. Supports Java Code. 3. Supports standard Web site development tools. Disadvantages of JSP 1. As JSP pages are translated to servlets and compiled, it is difficult to trace errors occurred in JSP pages. 2. JSP pages require double the disk space to hold the JSP page. 3. JSP pages require more time when accessed for the first time as they are to be compiled on the server.

How do you connect jsp and HTML?

JSP and HTML are similar in some way or other. JSP is one which has work on Java Programming as well.

Which is the website for jsp tutorials?

There are many websites for JSP Tutorials. Just google with text as "JSP Tutorials" or click on the related links in this answer...