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Crystal alien conflict codes?

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they are:

quickbuild= build quick

awesome= rapid fire

fatwallet= 50.000 credits

that is all i know

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What are the ops cheat codes for both aliens and astronaugts in crystal alien conflict?


What is the code for the last human level in crystal alien conflict in Lego?

the code is jacks and the other two codes for the ops are drill and cavein.

What are the codes for Crystal Alien Conflict including the 50000 crystals code?

to get 50000 credits, type in "fatwallet" 1 ghia 2 jak 3ckz 3kkkkkk

What are the alien level codes on Lego crystal alien conflict?

bonus codes: fatwallet=50000 cristals awesome=rapid fire n00b=triple armor clearskies=shroud removed quickbuild=build faster 1337=cheats reset level codes: theylive=alien special ops extra levels: *pizza *match *amaze *manic *temple *checkmate

What are mars mission crystal alien nconflict access codes?

i don't want to tell you but alot of them start with ''t'' ,what are they?

All of the ben10 alien force codes?

ben 10 alien force codes

What are the codes to play alien attack ben10 alien force?

If you mean the cheat codes google them.

What are the codes on ben10 alien attack?

alien x is oiaa

Why are some of the secret alien codes invalid?

Do you mean the alien codes you put in on LEGO MARS MISSION game? If yes, then no, the codes aren't invalid. By Jontypin

How to enter codes when playing mars mission crystalien conflict?

you type in code in box on menu, although you won't see english... you'll see alien!

What are the Ben10 Alien Force alien codes?

morph swing blast freeze

Ben 1o alien force alien attack codes?

swing morph

Ben10 alien force alien attack codes?

todos no Santos etlog

What are the BEN 10000 alien DNA codes?

THERE ARE NNNNNOOOOO "Ben 10,000 codes"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the alien codes on club penguin?


How you unlock all the alien codes ben 10 alien force alien attack?

I Would Go On i get my cheats from there

What are the Ben 10 Alien Force alien codes for the sweepstakes on Cartoon Network?

there are 5 codes but i got 4 ultimatrix,bellwood,dna and agregore

What cheat codes can be used in pokemon crystal?

Game shark codes

What are DNA codes for Ben 10 alien force aliens?

no DNA codes requierd

Is there any gameshark codes for Pokemon liquid crystal?

FireRed codes work

Ben 10 alien codes?

for all the aliens

What are the Ben 10 alien swarm codes?

There is none

What are the codes for ben10 alien attack?

humungersaur is bx10

Ben 10 alien force alien attack game codes?

humongasour wres alien x oiaa cromestone aoko all i have

What are all the codes for mini match?

3 of the codes are Chowder alien and wormpower no they don't work at all the next codes are poo

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