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Red Scarf Girl happens during the CUltural Revolution and is about the Cultural Revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why does ji li from red scarf girl wear a red scarf?

She wears a red scarf because it is part of the Cultural Revolution that chairmen Mao declared. Every kid had to wear red scarfs at school during the Cultural Revolution. The scarf was just like their red book, they always had it.

The red scarf girl main events?

The main event is the cultural revolution and/or how Ji-Li Jiang's family was in the "black" categories.

What is the conflict of the Red Scarf Girl?

whether Ji-li should end up staying loyal to her family or to the state/Cultural Revolution/Communist Movement

What is red scarf girl about?

it's about a girl who is lived in china and who had to struggle a lot in life because of cultural revolution. She was very brilleint girl, and intelligent. She had to choose either her family or to became a part of red guard member. and she chose her family.

What is the protagonist for red scarf girl?

Ji-Li Jiang is the protagonist. She is also the author. This story is a memoir, which means that it comes from her point of view because she was the one that experienced the Cultural Revolution.

What important things did the characters do or say in red scarf girl?

When the cultural revolution started the characters who had bad backgrounds or were in bad social rank would his what would be considered four olds of the old china

When was The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf created?

The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf was created in 2006.

What is the ISBN of Red Scarf Girl?

The ISBN of Red Scarf Girl is 9780064462082.

When was Red Scarf Girl created?

Red Scarf Girl was created in 1998.

Who is yi in red scarf girl?

It's no yi it's An Yi. She was Ji- Li Jiang's best friend that went through the struggles with Ji Li. She and Ji- Li had a lot in common and they were both confused on their feelings of the Cultural Revolution.

Can you tell me summary of The Red Scarf Girl?

Can you tell me summary of The Red Scarf Girl

What is the duration of The Girl with the Red Scarf?

The duration of The Girl with the Red Scarf is 1.58 hours.

How many pages does Red Scarf Girl have?

Red Scarf Girl has 238 pages.

When was The Girl with the Red Scarf created?

The Girl with the Red Scarf was created in 1977.

How do you tie a Girl Guide scarf?

Rather than tie the scarf, a scarf slide is used or the scarf is pinned.

How do you tie an Adult Girl Scout scarf?

Rather than tie the scarf, a scarf slide is used or the scarf is pinned.

What are good nonfiction books for teens?

Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang. - It is the memoirs of a girl from China that grew up during the cultural revolution. She was 12 at the beginning of the book, and it followed her along until she was an adult. She had to make choices between her family and creating a better future for her self. It was a good read.

Who is shi-yi in red scarf girl?

There is no "Shi-Yi" in Red Scarf Girl. If there is, he/she is not important at all

What is the main idea of the red scarf girl?


Who is the protagonist of red scarf girl?

ji li jiang is the protagonist of the red scarf girl. she is the main character as well.

What uniform do the Brownie Girl Scouts in Spain wear?

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What is the climax of the story red scarf girl?

when the red guards shearch Ji-Li's house is the climax of Red Scarf Girl

What is the symbol in Red Scarf Girl?

The Red Scarf, red for the blood of the revolutionary warriors and communism.

Who is Aunt Xi-wen in The Red Scarf Girl?

a girl

What is the setting of Red scarf girl?

In Chiana