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Q: Current value depends on the amount of charge moving past a point in a unit of time?
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What is the rate at which electrons do work?

Current. The flow of electrons is the flow of a moving charge. The rate of flow is current (the amount of charge that flows in a set time). The equation is: I = Qt Hope this helps.

What is moving electrical charge called?

a current

Why does a current carrying wire produce magnetic field but not electric field-whereas moving charge produces both?

There's something seriously wrong with the question's hypotheses.Current is moving charge, and moving charge is current.

What is the definition of current-?

Current is known as the flow of an electrical charge. This is carried by moving electrons in a wire.

Suppose you charge a pocket comb by friction and then walk around the room carrying the comb Are you producing an electric current?

Yes indeed, a current is just a moving charge. Even if the charge is on a comb, and you are physically moving the comb around the place.

What does moving electricale charge produce?

It produces a magnetic field.

What surrounds a moving electrical charge?

it depends on what kind of charge it is if its a positive charge then protons are surrounding it if it is a negative charge then electrons are surrounding it does that make sense?

What do moving electrical charges create?

-- Electric charge that's moving is the definition of electric current.-- It creates a magnetic field in its neighborhood.

Can you have current without voltage?

Sure - an unconnected power supply of any kind - a battery is + at one end and - at the other.

What is the amount of electrons moving past a certain point on a wire?

It's called current.

How do you calculate a starting current?

The formula for the electric current can be given as I= Qt where Q refers to coulomb charge and t= amount of time in second . By applying this formula the amount of current passing through the conductor can be known foor any instant of time. For any conductor the amount of charge is always constant. Current measures the flow of moving charge per unit time. Therefore the formula for current is I=Q/t as the unit of current is C/s (Coulomb's per sec) or amps (A).

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