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I bought the belt 3 years ago. I have extra jell packs. But i have had trouble with either finding the right time to use the belt or my period starts and I have to stop. I have used the belt very little. Maybe 5 times. My question is, After starting it again the day after my period stopped early in the day,later that night I started having muscle spasms below my belly button. and they havnt stopped. Do I continue to use the belt? Should I seek Dr.s Advise?

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โˆ™ 2012-08-17 14:21:24
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Q: Customer service for contour ab BELT?
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What store sells the contour ab belt?

It is not sold in store only online.

Do the contour ab belt really work?

yes, I am a professor at Texas University for kinseology it does work.

With a belly piercing..will the metal conflict with the performance of an Ab Contour?

OBVIOUSLY YES, since an ab contour is an OVERSIZED BELT, and belts GO AROUND YOUR BELLY. I wouldn't say it would "interfere with ab contour's performance" but it will certainly agitate your piercing, if it's new, and possibly even if it's old.

Can you use the contour ab belt if you have a belly ring?

You probably shouldn't use one unless you want to risk ripping out the piercing.

Does the ab circle contour ab belt and health master really work?

no it does not i bought i for 200 bucks and it doesnt work i used it for 3 whole months every day i recomend you just to go to a gym or run walk or jog in a park The ab circle and contour abs are promoted via tv infomercials and look a lot better than they really are. Read an online review before you buy a contour abs, or any ab belt to help you decide which one is best and which most people prefer.

Has anyone tried the contour ab belt and does it work?

The contour belt uses electronic muscle stimulation(EMS). Having worked in athletics for a number of years, this is a similar treatment to what is know as Stem, we use this treatment on all our collegiate athletes. It does work.

Does the contour ab belt work?

The contour abs core sculpting system does 'work' in the sense that it will cause your abs to contract like you're doing crunches. But - its not good quality, I bought one and it broke after like 3 weeks. I bought a flex belt and find it works much better, the pulses are stronger and its better quality. Read reviews on ab belts online first before you buy a contour abs.

Where to buy new gel pads for contour ab belt?

Once place you cannot get them is Contour. They have been out for months and don't know when they will get them in. Your pads will work for about two months before the electricity does not conduct. They have no timetable on when they will get them either. Joke.

Does the ab belt work?


What 5 exercises are equivalent to the ab contour belt?

Sit ups, crunches, leg raises, right and left elboy to knees, twists. And you can increase intensity on the control unit as your muscles get stronger over time.

What are the ratings on the Slender Tone?

Ratings on the Slendertone Ab Toning Belt vary from site to site. Out of five stars, most customer reviews give this product between 3.5 and 4.5 stars.

How many times a day do you use the ab belt?

Unless you are a very advanced bodybuilder, you should never train more than once a day. Therefore, you should never use an ab belt more than once a day. Some resistance trainees never wear an ab belt..

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