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No that would be cheating and against FCC rules

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What are the answers to Jeopardy?

There are no answers to the Jeopardy TV Show as they do new questions each time the contestants want a question.

How many contestants at one time on a jeopardy game?

A game of Jeopardy has three contestants.

How long did it take for Watson to answer jeopardy questions?

Watson did not take any longer than the contestants

What does final jeopardy category mean?

The TV show Jeopardy asks the contestants a final question that they write out the answer for at the end of the show. The questions on the show are divided into categories or subjects. The Final Jeopardy category would be the subject for the final question to be answered by the contestants.

Who dresses the contestants on jeopardy?

The contestants dress themselves.

Who is all of the jeopardy contestants?

Jeopardy has had over 9,200 episodes and almost 20,000 contestants and even the Syndicated show has had over 6,200 episodes and over 10,000 contestants

Where can you find a list of final jeopardy questions?

At the Jeopardy Archive you can see the final question for any date, but it is not a list of questions. It is a record of the shows questions and answers for a number of seasons. see related link

Do jeopardy contestants get a list of the questions?

That would be against the rules and the answers on Jeopardy are the questions. That's why the answers are not correct unless they are in the form of a question. A TV Show can not allow there contestants to cheat or help them cheat since after a series of game show scandals of the 1950s caused the United States Congress to pass the 1960 amendments of the Communications Act of 1934, preventing anyone from fixing quiz shows. see related link

Can you provide a complete list of past Jeopardy contestants?

The show has been on for thousands of episodes. More than the over 5000 that Wheel of Fortune has been on and the list would be over 10000 names. Are you sure you would not like the list sorted by how much they won and/or the date they were on. How about how many shows they were on. The information is not available except for many of the shows from the Alex Trebek Jeopardy The Jeopardy Archive will allow you to search for a contestants name and also have the names of the contestants for each episode in the archive. The link to it has been added under related links

Questions asked on Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune is not Jeopardy. The only questions they ask are when they meet the contestants and ask questions about their lives, work, family, friends, leisure activities. and other similar questions.

What were the questions to the forgiveness category on Jeopardy last night May 20 2011?

On May 20 2011 Jeopardy had a biblical forgiveness category and the questions and answers and also the contestants responses are available on the related link The category was part of the double Jeopardy round and will be found in the second round of categories for the day.

Do the jeopardy contestants know how much each bets at the end of the show?

The Final Jeopardy bets are revealed after the 30 seconds of writing time ends. Before then, the contestants don't know how much the other contestants bet.

When do the contestants on Jeopardy place their bets for final Jeopardy?

During the commercial break after they find out the category.

Why are there no contestants in wheelchairs on Jeopardy?

They have had a few and will again. Travel to Jeopardy to audition is at a person's own expense.

What do the contestants of Wheel of Fortune get to keep?

Unlike Jeopardy contestants keep the money won or get theminimum$1000

How many contestants have appeared on the Jeopardy TV show?

Jeopardy needs 400 new contestants per year. The original Jeopardy show hosted by Art Fleming came on the air from March 30 1964 until January 3 1975. A new syndicated Jeopardy Hosted by Alex Trebek has aired continuously since September 10 1984. That would mean under 15,000 contestants for USA Jeopardy with over 10,00 of them from the Alex Trebek Jeopardy episodes. This estimate does not even include the large number of international contestants from the International Jeopardy shows.

How do you do the final jeopardy?

For contestants of the show they tell you the final category and then you must decide on the amount of your wager. They are various methods that contestants have used in the past to make this decision and they all take into account the other contestants score before final Jeopardy.

How many seconds in a final jeopardy question?

Contestants are given thirty seconds to answer a Final Jeopardy! question.

Who were the jeopardy contestants on November 16 2009?

On episode #5791 of Jeopardy!, which aired on Monday, November 16, 2009, the contestants were Melisa Paye-Mose, Scott Wells and Chris Rodrigues.

Is there a preparation for Jeopardy?

Contestants who successfully pass the tests play a short version of jeopardy. See the related link.

Who were the contestants of Wheel of Fortune on September 14th and15th?

Wheel of Fortune is not Jeopardy and does not give a contestants name. The contestants on Wheel of Fortune are only known by there first names

Where can I see the January 15 2009 Jeopardy show episode?

The Link will take you to the information on the questions, answer, categories, and how the contestants did and who they were. Otherwise you'll have to wait for a rare repeat of an episode.

Do contestants on jeopardy know the question before the show airs?

Sure the show was taped long before they air the program. You might mean "Did they know in advance that the question was going to be asked?" That's like asking if the show is a total fraud that passes out a list of questions and tells the contestants to study them. In truth, for the contestants, it's sort of like The Tonight Show's 'sidewalk all-stars'. The sketch is funny because most of us know the answer to the question Jay is asking. Many of the answers to the Jeopardy questions are known by all three contestants, but only one wins a chance to answer by ringing in first. Remember, they are on the show because they pride themselves on being able to answer trivia questions. They would not like to have the questions passed out ahead of time to everyone because they feel they would lose their advantage. So, in a sense, they know the answer to the question before the team of writers for Jeopardy even made up the question. With travel and lodging as high as it is some of the 3rd place finishers lose money for the chance to be on the show.

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