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DVD player sayes no disk?

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that means either the DVD player is broken or the DVD doesnt work on that type of player

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eather the disk is bad or you put it in the wrong side sometimes its for bad dvd player connection cable

No. While a DVD recorder will also play back recorded DVDs, a disk player will not record a DVD.

DVD stands for Digital Video Disk and the player is the machine that'll play them.

The DVD player might be old or broken, or the disk might have a strach or food stains.

You need a DVD-RW disk to burn the Windows Movie Maker file to before it can be played in at DVD player.

The best way is to buy or borrow a cleaning disk. Load the disk into your player and it will do the rest.

No. However, you can sometimes read a DVD in your blu-ray player.

Not really but the disc won't play on a DVD player anyway

no, ive tried it and the DVD player just says no disc

If your Samsung DVD player tends to eject the DVD when you put it in, this suggests some sort of damage either to the player or the disk. The lens on the player may be dirty or the disc may be scratched.

A DVR is a DVD recorder; it can copy files from one (non-commercial) DVD to another, or from a built-in hard drive to a DVD-R (Recordable DVD) or DVD-RW (rewritable, recordable DVD). Some DVRs can record Blu-Ray disks.A DVD is the disk itself. It may be a DVD (single density), a DVD-DL (dual density, twice the capacity of a DVD) or a Blu-Ray disk. Commercial DVDs are dual-layer or Blu-Ray.A DVD player plays the disk on your TV. Blu-Ray players will play any of the 3 disk types mentioned above. A "regular" DVD player cannot play a Blu-Ray disk.

CD-R is burnable CD, DVD-R is a burnable DVD. In detail A CD-R has less memory to use because the laser makes bigger marks on the disk. The disk can be read by your CD player The DVD-R has much more memory because the laser makes smaller marks on the disk that means more memory per disk. then the disk can be read by the computer or DVD player.

most DVD players (95%) will play audio discs but to be sure check the user manual that came with your DVD player

All DVD players have country codes which prohibit playing, for example, European DVDs on American DVD players.

There's not much of a difference in size, but if you put a PS2 disk into a DVD player, you probably just get the audio, if anything. This is very rare.

I've actually never heard of these before but I've read up a bit on them and I think I can help. 1. Check to see if you have a DVD RAM disk or a cartridge. The disk will look either like a normal CD or DVD or a similar shaped although much smaller disk. The cartridge will either be a rectangular stick or a disk enclosed in a square plastic case. 2. If it is a disk, then it will simply go into a specialized player like a DVD. Some DVD players will play this format and others wont. It wont hurt it to put it in your DVD player and see if it will play. If it is a cartridge, then it will go into some type of player that is made just for that type. It will not work in a DVD player. Other than that, I'm not really sure. Hope this helps, Dave

Because,nw almost all PC have a writer,by whick we can write on the disk..

The DVD-ROM drive may be an older drive that is unable to read modern DVD's.The DVD-ROM drive may not support the format of the DVD disks.The data on the disk may be corrupted (it may not have been burned to disk correctly)The disk may be scratched.The information on the disk may have some sort of copyright protection that's preventing the DVD player from reading it.

Burn them. Either use a regular burning program that burns it to a DVD and use the DVD as a data disk, or use a program that can convert it to the right format. For the first option, you could watch the movie on a computer if you put the disk in, then explore the disk and double click on the video file. However, you wouldn't be able to watch it on a DVD player. If you do want to watch it on a DVD player, you'll have to pick the second option. Get a program that can convert the file and then burn it to the DVD.

There is no hard disk drive in a DVD player. So nothing will go wrong.

The best format is Blu-Ray DVD disks, but the most common disk is a standard DVD disk.

DVDs can be played on a Blu-Ray player

Your computer needs a DVD-ROM player to read Oblivion.

A CD, DVD or Blueray disk recorder player.

Yes. The second ending is on the second disk in a two disk set. You must play it in a DVD player to see it.

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