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Snakes , lions, cheetahs , scorpions, some ,Spiders , millipedes , centipedes , wasps etc.


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The most Dangerous animals in the world besides humans are probaly the lions, hippos, and the white tigers. But many other animals are dangerous too.

because we are the most dangerous animals in the world

Snakes are position as among the most dangerous animals in the world.

There are no dangerous wild animals in hawaii.

yes they are very dangerous animals fact: all bears are dangerous

If you mean the most untamed and dangerous, then it is a jellyfish. They are humongous and scary

well a tiger is a very dangerous animal and a mosquito there all the ones i know hope that helps.

YES!They are considered the MOST dangerous animal in the world to people and animals!Giving them heart worms and us malaria.

the dangerous animals i of in Maine are the black bears and moose

mooses are dangerous and are the most agressive animals in the north :))One of it is lion but it's not as dangerous as a Mosquito! I know! Mosquitoes can kill u! They Are VERY dangerous PeterFoster111: Yes, the mosquito is the most dangerous. But, the most dangerous animal in the whole whide world besides the mosquito, is man.Last time I checked mosquitoes were classified as insects, not animals. And enough with the cliches about how "man" is the most dangerous animal - the person is simply asking which animals are the most dangerous. To answer this, I would base it off of the number of humans killed each year by the specific animals, so that would make snakes, crocodiles, elephants, hippos, and lions the most dangerous animals.Some of the most dangerous animals are elephants. really. They are large, fast and if you get stepped on by one, or charged, you are a goner. Also, wild cats like tigers and leopards are the most dangerous wild cats. Of course, there are more dangerous animals than these. Also, the Komodo Dragon is quite dangerous, but they are not common.

what is the most dangerost anamal in the world? ponypomp; Polar bear. But this depends on what classification you go by to determine this.Animals can be made dangerous by a variety of factors. Many dangerous animals are classified as a threat to humans because they carry venom which can injure or kill people. Others are physically dangerous: fast runners or swimmers with strong teeth and a fearless attitude. Still others are dangerous because of the diseases they carry. Some nations also have more dangerous animals than others: Australia, for example, has some of the most dangerous animals in the world including taipans and salt water crocodiles.

There doesn't appear to be any dangerous animals in Paris. Other parts of France have dangerous animals such as bears, the Violin spider and wild boars.

Dangerous Canadian animals? Personnally, I think that the most dangerous animal is Emma moorhouse!

Humans are animals. Yes, they are dangerous. This is a toxic plant.

Some dangerous animals in Poland are brown bears and lynx.

Some dangerous animals in the Philippines are snakes, spiders, scorpions, and crocodiles.

Predators, they are dangerous when you are a prey.

for dangerous animals claws are poisonous.

Because of all the dangerous animals .

False. Dangerous animals can be big or small.

It is dangerous because the animals can kill you if they are irritated.

A Lion is a dangerous animal and can be tamed

Lions are very dangerous animals. They are fast so there is no way to get out of a lion chasing you.

Sadly but true, humans. We killed more animals than ever imagined, but there are a few animals but not much. We are deadly.

no there harmless to animals if there eaten

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