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6x12=72 -6=66 there are 12 donuts in a dozen

the answer is 66 donuts difference between the two people


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It depends what your school rules are. If it is for a fund raiser than no, but you will have to talk to your principal if you can sell things

start a fun raiser for money to help the orphins :P

The central vacuole can be compared to the school library.

I was eleven years old when I began selling magazines and chocolate bars for a school fund-raiser.

Ask if they want to get a coffe at Dunkin Donuts.

First, discuss this with the organization for which you want to fundraise, and second, discuss it with the principal of your school. Between them, you should be able to learn everything you need to know.

I can only tell you from how far I am in the game. Brown house - 355 coins purple house - 1100 coins blue house - 1800 coins pink house - 3400 coins white house - 7700 coins gulp 'n' blow - 13500 coins kwik-E-mart - 20500 coins springfield library - 20500 coins Frink's lab - 150 donuts lard lad donuts - 110 donuts volcano lair - 200 donuts springfield observatory - 75 donuts aztec theatre - 80 donuts duff brewery - 190 donuts school bus - 120 donuts springfield sign - 170 donuts tire fire - 40 donuts Hope this helps.

IT can be compared to teachers because it derects you were to go and what to do!

it could be compared to the mail center it packages protiens

They can make a fund raiser im only a seven year old I hope that this helps you or you can stay at school and then you can help clean around so that's the answer to your question.

You can give out cupcakes, ice cream, donuts, or cookies.

A Cafeteria (they make the food(protein))

Given a relationship between the price of fund-raiser candy bars and number of bars sold, what price will maximize profit?

I am not positive about this, but I heard that all you need to do is a fund raiser, etc. and donate the money earned via text message or letter.

School play ground can run from thousand to ten thousand of dollars. Best way to get it cheaper is just to get donation from local resident and have some fund raiser for the community

It is like the generator or power source that creates the energy for the school like the mitochondria does for the cell(:

it is a very good way to gain school spirit, the extra cash, and more and more friends It also is an excellant fund raiser for example to get new band uniforms etc.

Nc simply ranked in public school education? Oh brother!

middle school is a great way to get ready for high school. it is hard to get used to at first but in high school, the middle school work if considered really easy compared to high school. here's a great example of middle school:

haha when you find out tell me cause i hesitate from actually selling the 25 items because i can't this thing anywhere on the internet it's a real phone with a cool blue keyboard light: just plug it into the wall socket using the (too) short RJ45 cord and switch it on and dial a phone number EDIT:(hollandvw) I got one from a school fund-raiser and I can't call anyone.

i would say board members but i cant really think of a reason why.

Nearly everyday it is differnet compared to primary and they are more harder

During the Victorian era, children ate fatty meats and root vegetables such as carrots. Donuts and taffy were also popular during that time period.

The average cost for a years worth of school uniforms are between 110$ to 140$ compared to some normal school students who spend almost 500 dollars on clothes through the school year.

Roses, black. It is the worst day of a future jurist's life. Law school is cake when compared to the bar.

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