Ddr1 vs ddr2 vs ddr3

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->184 pins
->333 FSB
->non-center notch
->works @ 2.5 Volts

->240 pins
->666 FSB
->center notch
->works @ 1.8 Volts

->240 pins
->1333 FSB
->center notch
->works @ 1.5 Volts

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Q: Ddr1 vs ddr2 vs ddr3
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There are 2 easy ways. No#1- Downlaod a 'system analysis' tool (e.g. CPU-Z) run the progamme and check its window. No#2- Open the case, and look at the ram slots. DDR1 has 184 pins, DDR2 has 240 pins. The 'notch' in the ram stick is also in different places on DDR1 vs DDR2. After you have look at a few ram sticks, you can soon pick the difference between DDR1 amd DDR2, but in the beginning it is no so easy. There is quite often a sticker on the side of the ram telling you what type/speed it is to make things easier, but it can be hard to see inside the case. DDR1 also ranges from DDR-200 (PC-1600) to DDR-433 (PC-3500) and DDR2 ranges from DDR2-400 (PC2-3200) to over DDR2-1066 (PC2-8600)

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DDR2 and DDR3 are different types of RAM. Interested that you posted in graphics cards as well. Heres why: For system memory, RAM that you can buy and replace on your motherboard, there isn't any performance difference. ddr3 is NOT faster at all significantly. Its a different type, you simply need to get the same type for compatibility. On laptops, ddr3 gives better battery life but not very significantly. For graphics cards, this is called vRAM and the types are usually called gddr2 and gddr3. In this case, gddr3 is MUCH faster. A single model of card will be produced in both types, which is confusing, and for example an 8600 gddr3 is probably faster than a 9600 gddr2.

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