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St Stephens

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Q: December 26th is the holy day of what saint?
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Which saint's day is on December the 26th?

Among others, December 26 is the feast of Saint Stephen, Deacon and Martyr.

When is the feast day of Saint Stephen?

December 26 is the feast of Stephen.December 26th, the day after Christmas.

When is Saint Stevens' Day?

There is no St. Steven's day. There is, however, a St. Stephen's day which falls on December 26th.

What do people in Ireland celebrate on the day after Christmas?

The 26th of December in Ireland is known as St. Stephen's Day.

December 26 is the holy day of which saint?

St. Stephen

What is Saint Stephen's Day?

If the question is "What is St. Stephen's Day?", then the answer is "It is the day when this holy saint is celebrated in the Catholic Church.However, if your question (which I will rephrase next, with your permission) is "What is the DATE of St. Stephen's Day?", then the answer is "every Dec.26th of the Gregorian calendar year".December 26 is the feast of St. Stephen, deacon and martyr.

Who is the patron saint of boxing day?

Saint Stephen From song Good King Wenceslas ... on the feast of Stephen.

What day of the week was December 26th 1964?

December 26th, 1964 fell on a Saturday.

Why is December 26th called 'Boxing Day'?

december 26th is beleived to be called boxing day because its the day you get rid of all your preasent boxes.

What day is Boxing Day on in 2001?

December 26th

What day was Boxing Day 1937?

December 26th.

Is there a Saint Maya?

Saint Maya, a Georgian Orthodox saint celebrated on the Day of All Saints, Martyrs, and Holy Fathers and Mothers of Georgia, December 24 (December 11 according to Julian Calender).