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statement that summarizes an economy's transactions with the rest of the world for a specified time period. The balance of payments, also known as balance of international payments, encompasses all transactions between a country's residents and its nonresidents involving goods, services and income; financial claims on and liabilities to the rest of the world; and transfers such as gifts. The balance of payments classifies these transactions in two accounts - the current account and the capital account. The current account includes transactions in goods, services, investment income and current transfers, while the capital account mainly includes transactions in financial instruments. An economy's balance of payments transactions and international investment position (IIP) together constitute its set of international accounts. (source- investopedia)

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What is the meaning of 'balance of payment surplus'?

If money recd is more than paid by any country to another country. It is called balance of payment - surplus in short more "Export Less Imports".

If the Balance of payment always always balances then why you have deficit in the balance of payment What measure can be government take to address an in-balance in the Balance of payment?

when they are talking about the deficit or surplus they are usually only talking about the current account. The balance of payments will balance because the other accounts in it (Capital, financial and erros and ommissions) will account for the other parts eg if current account has defiecit of 100m the capital, financial and erros and ommisions will have a surplus of 100m

What does it mean to have a surplus on the balance of payments?

Surplus on the balance of payments is the rise of money in the country; it is the amount of imports they get.

What is balance of payment?

What is balance of payment deficit

Enumerate the ways in which nation can overcome an unfavorable balance of trade?

sir usman will tell you :P

Where are surplus shown in balance sheet?

Surplus are shown as an addition to owners equity in capital side of balance sheet.

How do geographer define the concept of overpopulation?

They define it as a surplus in the human population in the ecumene.

Advantages and disadvantage of balance of payment?

advantages of balance of payment

Difference between trade deficit and trade surplus?

trade deficit:negative balance of trade trade surplus: positive balance of trade

Does Brazil have a balance of payments surplus or deficit?

It has a balance of payments deficit.

What do governments do when they have a surplus balance of payments?


India's balance of payment since 1991?

India's balance of payment since 1991

What is balance of payment surplus?

My total salary is 24000.00, out of which I spends only Rs 2000.00 per month. Now such type my total saving would be 22000.00 per month.

How can you define balance in sport?

YOu can define balance in sports by the way you stay standing and being equal

If a country receives more money than it spends it does not have a surplus in a balance of payments?

It does have a surplus in balance of payments because BOP is calculated by exports minus imports

What is the explanation for the concept of marginalism in economics?

consumers surplus define

Does the balance of payment always balance?

International Balance of Payments

What is balance of payment and balance of trade?

Balance of payment is the difference between the money coming into the country and the money leaving the same country.

What is negative reserve and surplus in the balance sheet?

A negative reserve on the Balance Sheet means the business is operating without balancing their money. A surplus means the business has extra money.

Define physical balance?

physical balance is balance between brain and heart.

A trade surplus is generally known as a?

positive balance of trade.

Does Germany have a trade deficit?

No, Germany has a balance of payments surplus.

Recently trends in balance in balance of payment in India?


What do you do with a escrow account that has a surplus?

A simple escrow account that has a surplus at the end of year has the surplus carried over. Many times, the payment to the account is reduced to make the account even again.

Define balance force?


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