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There is not such a race. It is a designation of a hypothetical language of the Indo-European family. Therefore an Aryan is a person who purportedly descended from prehistoric people who spoke the language. The Nazis used it to designate someone who was not of Jewish descent. This is the reason that hate groups such as the White Supremacist refer to a "pure Aryan" race. Their misunderstanding of the issue is not surprising when one considers the absence of rational(not to mention normal) mentality of the persons involved in such despicable organizations.

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Q: Define pure Aryans
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What did Hitler call pure people?

Aryans. The master race.

What was the race invented by Nazis that was supposed to have pure German blood?

The Aryans

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What group was not chosen for extermination by the Nazis?

Pure Aryans loyal to the Nazi party.

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What group did Hitler not try to eliminate?

"Hitler didn't try to kill "Aryans" and anyone who is an "Pure German."

Which ideas illustrates the Nazi Party's view?

The Jews were considered racially inferior and a threat to having a society of pure Aryans

2 What did Hitler believe was the ideal Aryan?

what did Hitler delieve was the ideal aryan

What did the Aryans have to do with the Holocaust?

The Aryans were the race that Hitler believed were pure during WWII. They mostly consisted of people with blonde hair and blue eyes but not all of them as Hitler himselve didn't tick either boxes. They consisted of people who were Christian.

What is the definition of the word Aryans?

The Aryans were a tribe of light skinned Indian peoples in antiquity. In modern times the word has morphed in the US and elsewhere to describe a pure-blooded white-skinned race and is associated with the Neo-Nazi movement.

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Who were he Aryans?

They were a race and tribe in ancient India. Later on, the word was used in Nazi Germany to describe the blonde and blue-eyed 'pure Germanic' race.

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Why are there gypsies in the holocaust?

it was because Himmler wanted to find out about aryans, with 'pure' gypsies being the ideal, he established an istitute to investigate them. The decision to kill them was not a popular one.

What was Hitlers perfect German?

Hitler believed that the pure German people, the Aryans, were the master race. Hitler said that one of the reasons that Germany lost the First World War was that the German race had been weakened through Aryans marrying non-Aryans.Therefore if Germany was to become strong again, the Nazis had to ensure the purity of the Aryan race. This view of Germans as the master race was encouraged by the use of healthy, 'pure' Aryans in Nazi propaganda posters.The Aryan race is tall, longlegged,slim The race isnarrow-faced, with a narrowforehead, a narrow high-built nose and a lower jawand prominent chin, the skinis rosy bright and the bloodshines through .... the hair issmooth, straight or wavy -possibly curly in childhood.The colour is blond.Description of a 'pure'Aryan. From a leaflet 'TheNazi Race', 1929.