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Define rolling friction?

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A force which opposes the motion of any body which is rolling over the surface of another

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Define sliding friction and rolling friction?

sliding friction is less than static friction. it is also very easy to move better than static friction.

Does friction provide negative acceleration or positive acceleration?

Friction opposes motion. As long as you define the direction in which the object is moving to be positive, the acceleration due to friction will be negative. If you think about it, you start out with positive speed and friction decreases the speed, so adding friction subtracted from the speed. Note: Friction is counterintuitive when you start dealing with rolling without slipping. This answer doesn't address this.

Define bite angle in rolling mill?

what is bite angle in rolling mill

Define friction?

Frictions is a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching.

Define lubricity of plastic?

The inverse of it's sliding friction coefficient. It's slippery-ness.

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Friction between solids can be most accurately define as the force that enhances the sliding motion of two surface that are touching each other?


How do racing car designers combat the effect of friction?

We can define frictions as the Resistance to the movement of one body in relation to another body with which is in contact. If we try to slide a wooden block across a table then friction acts in the opposite direction to the movement of the block.

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