Define the term prejudice?

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Prejudice is to say something before they know the relevent facts, they have an opinion of hatred towards others.

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Define legal term without prejudice?

Without prejudice refers to closing a case without preventing it being brought again. A case is 'dismissed without prejudice' means that when the problems with the way it was brought the first time were fixed, they would be able to bring it to the court again. 'With Prejudice' would mean that the case could not be brought again.

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How does Racial and Ethnic groups define prejudice?

Racial and Ethnic groups define prejudice as assigning certain usually negative qualities to a group based on stereotype or the actions of one member of the group. Realizing that people are individuals is the first defense against prejudice.

What does the term without prejudice mean in court?

Prejudice is without any loss or waiver of rights or priveliges.

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Roger swagler uses the term?

Pervasive Prejudice NovaNet

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"Prejudice" is one.

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