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A vision statement looks into the future at least five years and defines a desired future state of the company.

A mission statement defines what a company currently does, and how it plans to achieve its vision.

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Q: Definition of vision and mission of a company?
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Should a company have mission without vision?

No a company should not have a mission without vision, there is no mission witout a vision, if your mission is to do somthing then you are suppose to have an expected outcome which is the vision.

What is the mission and vision of intuitive surgical company?

What is the mission and vision of Intuitive Surgical Inc.

What is the relationship between the mission and vision of a company to its organizational structure?

The mission and vision of a company can be integral to its organizational structure. The mission and vision can determine the chain of command and influence whether the company functions under a horizontal or vertical structure.

What is the Mission and Vision of Philippine Airlines?

To serve as a partner in nation-building is the mission and vision of Philippine Airlines. With this vision and mission set, the company started flying in 1941.

What is vision and mission of LG company?

The vision and mission of LG company is to design innovative electric products. The company wants to develop products that makes life of customers easier.

What is charlotte russe's mission statement?

Company Mission Statement/Vision Statement

What are vision mission of bajaj auto company?


What is the vision and mission statement of Nike company?

Nike is a famous footwear manufacturing company. Their vision and mission statement is, "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world."

A company's founders or top management will express their vision in a mission statement?

mission statement

Vision and mission statement of all motor companies?

Each company will have a vision and mission statement particular to itself, and that is based on the company's specific goals and objectives. Thus, there in no standard vision and mission statement for all companies even within a general area.

WHAT IS Bajaj company vision and mission statement?

The Bajaj Company does not have an actual mission or vision statement. However, they focus on product innovation and establishing benchmarks to keep their customers happy.

What distinguishes a vision statement and mission statement and quality policy statement?

Vision- what the company wants to be. Or vision outlines what the organisaton want to be and it concentrate on the future. Mission- current activities of the company and the reason why this company exists. Or mission is the fundamental purpose of the organisation and concentrate on the present. It also supports the mission of the company. Quality policy-a general idea of the system the company is implementing. In some cases they use it for propaganda.