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10 definition of Economics by defferent authors

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There are many different definitions of home economics by different authors. Some say it is the study of diet and budgeting and others say it is child care and textiles.

The dictionary defines economics as "the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth". You can find 100s more definitions and their authors online.

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ACCORDING TO PARETO, "it is the waste of time to investigate what it may be"

There are many definitions of personality according to different authors. One accepted definition is that personality is created not born with.

3 definitions of sociology with 3 different authors

There are many definitions that could be included here. They may be microeconomics, supply, demand, macroeconomics, and many more.

the theory and practice of homemaking

Authors can have different reading definitions called genres. These genres include romance, horror, satire, drama, and comedy.

Learning is the act or process of acquring knowledge

There are many different definitions of communication from different authors. Most authors would say that communication at least includes the idea that a thought or idea is transferred from one person to another.

to search somthing in order to have information in a systematic way is called research

home economics definitions

Different authors have different definitions of counseling. The ACA Conference of 2010 agreed that the unified definition of counseling is as follows: "Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals."

"Economics is the study of how people relate to each other" is a statement that does not define economics.

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Recruitment can mean a lot of things by many different people, especially authors. Recruitment could mean finding someone to help with certain things, or it could mean hiring someone.

economy. that's why it's called economics. for definitions, search encyclopedias.

Economic development has several definitions from local to global perspectives. Professor of Economics and Public Policy Alan Deardorff at the University of Michigan as part of his International Economics Glossary calls it: "Sustained increase in the economic standard of living of a country's population, normally accomplished by increasing its stocks of physical and human capital and improving its technology

Home economics refers to a subject in school that teaches cooking, sewing, and other skills that are needed in the home. It is also known as the study on how to run a household.

human resource management defines the different aspects and functions of one department, how it works how it recruit employees and how it deals with the wages and salaries of organization.

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