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If you mean "why", then the answer is that there is a leak in the heater core.

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Q: Defroster smells like antifreeze Lincoln LS?
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2001 Lincoln town car air vent is blowing smoke and smells like antifreeze when the air is on. Any ideas what is causing this?

Your heater core is leaking.

Why a white air that smells like antifreeze is coming out of car heaters?

white air that smells like antifreeze coming out of heater, indicates that you need to replace the heater core in your is leaking

What does burning antifreeze smell like?

Burning antifreeze has a rubber like smell. Some people think it smells sweet with a tint of rubber smell mixed into it.

Why would you have water in the exhaust in a 94 Lincoln its a continental?

Condensation in the exhaust train is perfectly normal. It should dry out after several minutes. If it smells like antifreeze, suspect a bad head gasket.

Your 2004 H2500 Chevy smells like antifreeze but their is no leaks?

smell of antifreeze and no visable leaks usually indicates that the heater core needs replacing

What would cause antifreeze to disappear in a Oldsmobile 1989 cutlass calias?

if it smells like antifreeze inside the cockpit then your problem is the heatercore, since you can't see it.

What does burnt transmission fluid smell like?

it's a sweet smell, but it's a nasty smell. it smells like burning coffee and antifreeze. sounds weird but that's pretty much what it smells like

Smells like antifreeze when vent is on?

It is a 1998 Chevy Blazer. I don't know how I posted this topic in the first place???

Why is your Ford truck smells some time like antifreeze in side the cab?

your heater core is probably bad.

There is smoke coming into the car through the defrost after you turn off car and it smells like antifreeze?

The smoke is actually antifreeze mixed with air. The most common cause of this is a leaky heater core.

What if your 2001 astro van smells of antifreeze when driven the radiator does not leak but sometimes there is a small amount of antifreeze on the garage floor toward the back of the motor?

Sounds like a leak in the heater core.

How do know when you have a crack head on your 1987 grand marquis?

Telltale sign is WHITE smoke coming from the exhaust that smells like Antifreeze.

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